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Have Confidence, Your Goal Shall Have You


Have Confidence, Your Goal Shall Have You
“Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you’re positive, good things happen.” ― Deep Roy


As is evident from a wide number of instances, people often stumble in their path to success due to the lack of a major factor in their mindset. Confidence, the powerful tool, when equipped in the minds, can make people achieve any goals they desire, can make them reach the sky. However, when it falls below the desired level, tends to bind the legs of the person thereby causing a hindrance in the journey.

Almost all might remember some distressful situations where advices like ‘Be confident’, ‘Have confidence’ shower from all the near ones. Well yes, confidence can overturn the flow of events and can light up the path to success.

Being sanguine about the forthcoming events and acting accordingly can yield great results.

Confidence Leads to Positive Vibes

Emotions generally bias the thoughts. It is the emotions that help a person to lead his life in a society. Thus, having proper emotions can lead to better thoughts and hence a better life. Having confidence in one’s own abilities is one such positive emotion that has the potential to drastically change the way a person leads his life.

Being confident can result in positive vibes in the mind of the person concerned and will keep him going in his venture even though he might face several obstacles in the due course.

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Self-Motivation as a Shortcut to Success

A person on the path to acquiring his goal may face several failures and obstacles. Often, the mind prompts to stop and do not proceed further. Thus, it becomes impossible to achieve the target. Here is where self-motivation comes to play. At this point of time, if the person trusts his own dexterity and abilities can go further without repenting on the failure that he faced.

Self-motivation plays a vital role in the long run of life. A self-motivated person is usually happier, confident and more successful than the others in life. Bearing a positive attitude towards what life has to offer, helps a person to tackle every difficulty and proceed further.

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”
― Benjamin Spock

As has been rightly represented by the quote, one person gets to explore his hidden potential if he is confident in his itinerary to the target. Being sanguine about all the happenings and trying to get up on your own after failure rather than waiting for a hand, can make a person reach his target quite easily, and even go beyond.

A Sanguine Approach is Always Fruitful

People generally expect support when they face a failure or obstacle. But the successful people tend to bring out the inspiration from within the soul and stand straight without any support. This is what makes them successful and not others.

Maintaining an optimistic and sanguine attitude towards everyone and every event that comes along one’s path pumps up the confidence mercury in the mindset and leads the person concerned to achieve all his targets with much ease. The key fact lies in the way one responds to the failures and how he gets back on track.

As quoted by Blake Lively,

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.”

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Prominent Personalities who Succeeded on the Support of their Confidence

There are numerous instances in the past that portray how maintaining a confidence level can ultimately lead to success.

Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor Co. was first turned down for a job at Toyota. This, however, did not hamper his confidence level and he went on to start one of the most successful automobile companies of the era.

Thomas Edison, who has a multitude of patents to his name failed a large number of times before being successful in his experiment.

Other major figures who were self-motivated and created histories include Michael Jordan, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling and many more.

How to Maintain the Required Confidence Level

The most obvious one is to stay away from all negativity. This can result in a positive mindset every time and can do wonders. The second is not to accept the failure and try to get over it. Rather than expecting help from someone else, try to bring that from within you. Trust your own abilities and mark “Yes I Can” in the mind. These are some ways one can achieve his target easily.


Maintaining a confidence level does not lower the failures one faces in the path to the target. Instead, it equips the person with enough courage to get up every time he falls. A healthy confidence level in the mind is what every man requires to be successful.

Always Remember,

“Self Motivation is the Key to happy and successful life.”



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