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Have Faith On Your Own Conscience


Have Faith On Your Own Conscience
“Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen to it carefully.” ― Richard Bach


Every person in this world is unique. Each and every person has varied demands and expectations from life. He needs to act differently to face every situation and obtain the most out of every situation.

If a person tends to act as per the instructions and desires of another person, then he will be changed. His objectives will differ from his original ones and he may not be able to achieve the expected results.

Therefore, one has to be selfish at least in some phases of life so as to get the desired target. This needs a conscience in the mind of the person. This helps in deciding the authenticity of the happenings and is developed as a consequence of maintaining an honest attitude towards your own needs.

The moral of every person should be strong enough to make him differentiate between the correct and the wrong decisions in his life.

Conscience as a Result of Selfishness

First of all, a person needs to decide the spheres of life where he needs to be selfish. For example in the case of family, one has to act in a way that might yield positive results and outputs for the family as a whole rather than take on the selfless side where the result might be negative.

Similarly, there are sensitive regions in the workplace as well where one needs to be selfish rather than thinking about others.

Once decided, the person needs to take decisions that benefit him. This decision making process results in the development of a conscience of what is wrong and what is right. Thus, these ethics in work that he develops, is a consequence of how selfish he is in that particular field.

It is not at all viable for a person to be selfless in every phase. A bit of selfishness is what is required to maintain a perfect life. However, this selfishness should not be intended towards a harm of anyone, especially when not required.

A Chinese proverb reads as:

“Conscience is the greatest armour.”

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Do Not Allow Other People to Alter Your Moral Values

The morals that one has built up by accustoming oneself with the various situations that he faces in life, should not be allowed to be altered by other people.

Often people get biased by the thoughts of the people near and around him and tend to change their course of action and thereby alter their long set ethics. This only results in a complete change in the orientation of the person or we can say that the person becomes completely changed.

One should stick to his own developed conscience rather than being occupied with the thoughts and judgements of the others.

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Build Up Your Own Ethics Based Upon the Situations You Face

As mentioned earlier, every person in this world is different. Not only in terms of the looks and appearances but also in terms of situations they face and surroundings they live in. Every person has different attitudes to deal with the situations around them. This attitude of the people helps in the build of ethics that a person works on.

A person may be selfish in some fields and selfless in others depending upon the demand of the situation. These various approaches of the person determine the moral values that are inculcated in the mindset of the person.

Eminent Personalities who Optimally Utilised their Conscience

A perfect example who made use of conscience to rise to the peak of success is the CEO of Apple Inc. Mr. Tim Cook starts mailing his employees from 4 am every morning to ensure that the work is carried out smoothly and without any hassle.

He, as the leader of one of the world’s leading technology giants, has realised his selfishness and this has led to the development of a conscience, which helps him to do the things in the right way.

Similar is the case of other leaders of large MNCs including that of Renault and Nissan.

The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos used to work many hours a day to make his company successful and we all now see the result.

Thus, the conscience is the indicator of one’s methodologies and how honest he is in his approach to a situation.


It is advisable to be shielded from the opinions and views of the people around you in any matter and develop a strong conscience basing upon your own experience.

If one is honest towards the works he is doing, he will definitely develop good ethics, which will ultimately lead to his own benefits.

Therefore, it is often said: “Conscience is the voice of the soul.”



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