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Have Heart In Your Prayers; Not Just Words


Have Heart In Your Prayers; Not Just Words
“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


Prayer is an act directed towards awakening the divinity in one’s self. It is not just only uttering a bunch of words in front of an idol, it is more of going deeper into the thinking of goodness and transforming from confused thoughts to good thoughts within one selves.

Since childhood, we have been taught to pray by our parents and surroundings. We pray in front of God every day and seek for something we wish to be or achieve. We confess our sins and seek for repentances. This is going on for years.

Bending head in front of Almighty with all heart makes us feel connected to him fully!

Even without knowing what exactly a prayer is, we all made it a habit or a part of our routine. Yes! Prayer never changes the God or the situation about what you are praying. Instead it changes those who are praying. It gives you a positive energy to handle those tricky situations.

You will understand your own strength when you sit and talk to yourself in the name of prayer. The universe will answer your questions when you place them in front of God.

What Prayer is All About

So many of us misunderstood the meaning of prayer as asking for something we need. You might have also seen few people who remember and run to temples only when they get into troubles.

No, Prayer is not just asking, it is about making a time to understand what is right and wrong, it is about reaching the God in silence.

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Here are few things to know about Prayer –

1. Way to Communicate with God

None of us has seen God, but we can feel his presence in the nature. We believe in his creation.

Prayer strengthens the bonding between you and the God. You will be able to put all your thoughts, good or bad in front of him.

Prayer doesn’t need a specified place or time. It needs just your soul.

2. Prayer Gives You Power

We eat food for gaining power of muscles. And the Prayer gives it a complete form by energizing our body, mind and souls with positive air, feelings and drives. You will become spiritually powerful only by practicing prayers with true heart.

Make the habit of praying essentially everyday. You will understand its worth in short time. And believe you won’t have to face any troubles alone.

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3. Pray for Your Success

Praying for success is not a greedy thing. We all want to succeed every day in many aspects.

The positivity we gained while praying will help us face every challenge with smile and it also increase our faith in what we do.

4. Experience the Presence of God in Prayers

When you pray, you will put all your questions into space and wait for solutions. The universe, the mother earth will answer them all for you.

The God is present over everywhere. Everything moves well when you have him around you. He has the best to give you. Either you ask or not, he will always offer the best for everyone.

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5. Let Your Heart Out to Him (God)

Murmuring something in front of God thinking it is a prayer is useless. Surrender yourself with your true heart and soul. The rest is driven by the divinity.

Your bad intentions or thinking in prayer is just an everyday job which will never help you in any way. Never expect anything but pray for the good things to happen. Everything will definitely get into place soon.


Prayer is all about being humble and truthful to the Supreme Power. We get a chance to open self in front of God when we pray. It is not about offering him something for getting done a job we wished for.

Change your own self everyday by understanding self through prayers!



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  1. We should live a free spirit life, at the same time we should always practice obedience and honesty by all means, … We should practice authenticity and positivity,benevolence is always a key to an abundance life.

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