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Have Love For Life, And You Will Get Love Back Because That Is What Life Is All About


Have Love For Life, And You Will Get Love Back Because That Is What Life Is All About
“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.” ― Arthur Rubinstein


I have seen people who have suffered in this life. I have seen people in hopeless situations and in wanting situations with no one to rescue them. I have seen men and women struggle in life to a point where they see nothing good about life.

It is a bad sight to see or to be in. In such a state, one is always in between a rock and a hard place. Before one notices it, life crushes them.

I have seen men and women hate life and curse life because of their struggles and how life had crushed their hopes and dreams.

For a while, I wanted to know what the cause is and I came to understand where the problem was.

No one is destined to have a bad life or to struggle through life. Even so, because of attitude towards life and how we see life, many have found themselves in a lot of trouble.

Because of their hate for life, they suffered and struggle. But I realized that how you perceive life is how it will be to you.

Love Life and You Will Not Have any Reason to Suffer

Life can be easy and smooth depending on how you see it. You are supposed to see life from a place of love. You need to have love for life. You will always attract what you see, what you feel, and what you say.

When you have love for life, you will only see the good things in life, you will speak well about life, and you will feel good towards life. Once you have love for life, it will love you.

“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.”
― Arthur Rubinstein

Arthur Rubinstein said it perfectly, and I cannot disagree with this. I always purpose to show love to life at all times. Since I knew the secret to having a good life, life has been kind to me, and it keeps getting better.

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The Much You Give is the Much You Receive

Learn to appreciate life and speak of the good things that are in your life. I have always believed there is supernatural control over our lives and that is why people get what they say.

Life will always give the one that appreciates little things, bigger things to have more to appreciate.

On the other hand, if you only speak of how bad life is, it will only keep bringing you bad things. The much positivity you give out to the universe is the much you will get back.

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Love Life

Always show love to life, and you will enjoy life. Speak about the good things that have happened to you in the midst of everything that is going wrong. Rather than complaining, be appreciative.

Always recognize the advantages that you have in life and use them. Take a stroll in the evening and watch the sunset. Find opportunities that will give you the advantage to make life even better rather than complaining about not having the upper hand.

Do not sit and get depressed about situations rather face your challenges head-on with a positive attitude.

Soon enough, you will notice life responding to your positivity; you will feel the warmth of its love. All you have to do is first show love to life.


Everyone has something that they can complain about life. Even so, many have always chosen to love life unconditionally, and their love has been reciprocated.

Choose not to hate but always to love life unconditionally. Take it easy, enjoy simple pleasures, see the best about life and you will get the best.



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