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Having Beauty Does Not Make You Perfect. It’s Your Charisma, Confidence And Personality That Makes You One

“It's beauty that captures your attention; personality that captures your heart.”


Having Beauty Does Not Make You Perfect. It’s Your Charisma, Confidence And Personality That Makes You One
“It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality that captures your heart.” ― Oscar Wilde


Appreciating beauty delineates how much you care about someone. Just don’t hesitate to express if you like someone’s Charisma because beauty only captures the attention of the other person.

In the same way, the personality of a person captures the heart. Beauty is not just the beautiful face or beautiful looks. Beauty is much more than that.

When from someone’s work you get inspired and it captures your attention, then that is a real beauty. It is a unique personality that captures your heart because if someone is beautiful inside, his or her personality will definitely attract you.

You can say, beauty can bring the attention of the other person, but it will not get a lifelong place in the heart of the beholder.

The personality of a person matters a lot. Especially, if your nature inspires someone towards a good deed, then you can leave an everlasting impression in their heart.

Having Exterior Beauty with no inner kind soul is mere decoration and no beauty (makeup) can beautify it!

Beauty does not Last Long

Personality lives forever, even if you try to ward it away, it will be like a shadow with you always. Personality is what will impact the other person by heart.

Yes, seeing a beautiful person can be attractive but it all boils down to what you are rather than how good looks you have.

Beauty will fade away either today or tomorrow, but your individuality won’t. Your enticing charisma and helping nature can bring a magic in the eyes of another person.

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Makes You Unique

Your magnetism makes you unique from others. This is just your peculiar selfhood which gives you a better way to express.

You can’t be compared with anyone else because the way you are, is the most organic and none can attain your personality.

If anyone is inspired from your unique charisma, then it’s the biggest achievement you can ever get.

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Eyes of Beholder

When the other person starts appreciating you and your work, then the beauty turns out to be double.

It is the eyewitness who sees the positive side because your beauty grasps his or her attention. Your nature can add stars.

Personality Captures Heart

Yes, beauty grasps the attention, but the real thing that captures anyone’s attention is the personality.

Having beautiful face and getting admirations from the beholder, doesn’t matter much. The work that you do is your real beauty.

The great legends like Abdul Kalam, Kalpana Chawla, Malala Yousafzai are some of the very famous personalities whose charisma is still very much awaken in the minds of people. They are known for the enticing and simple personality they held.

It is the Ugly Personality which spoils the Beautiful Face!

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Your Work Reflects Your Personality

The work that you perform, the benevolence that you show to each needy is your real personality.

The helping nature, loving each situation, unfurling happiness, giving relaxation to the person who is suffering from deep sorrows is the real charisma.

Mother Teresa was among the great personalities who only knew loving and caring making her a very loving personality all over the world.

Inspiring Charisma

If your charisma gives direction to another, then you are the most alluring personality. Your works can give away to the other person and show the righteous path to follow in the future.

If your doings can inspire others, then it means your personality captures the heart of another person, which is a flamboyant thing.

Mahatma Gandhi with simplicity followed the path of Non-Violence and lead India in freedom Movements.

Icing on the Cake

Galvanizing personality is icing on the cake. Yes, it’s true! If you are beautiful, and along with that you have an inspiring charisma then that is icing on the cake. It will add stars to your personality. Both are incomplete without each other.

The wise saying is that there must be both. Beauty and inspiring personality, which will give you the way to rule over the heart of others.


It is very wisely said that beauty captures the attention and personality that capture the heart. The personality makes you as a whole, not just beauty.

You will be recognized even after death because of your own personality and not beauty which you held.

Yes, beauty matters, but not in the long run. It is just a personality which leaves an everlasting mark on the hearts of people and makes you completely unique in the terms of your charisma that you depict to others.

In the war between Beauty and Personality, Beauty will always lose the battle and Personality will appear as the Winner, whatever the criteria maybe!



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