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Here’s How To Win Game Before You Run Out Of Time


Here’s How To Win Game Before You Run Out Of Time
“I’ve never lost a game I just ran out of time.” ― Michael Jordan


How often did you hear the word “I would have won the match if I had more time”.  This is undoubtedly heard by you many times in sports. It’s true that some may have made better if they had enough opportunities to win. Some give up, but many others like Michael Jordan feel in a positive way and say “I’ve never lost a game I just ran out of time.”

Try to Achieve a Goal Constantly

The key to this attitude prepares you next time for little more hard work which leads to victory. Many tend to think that trying a goal constantly is of no use just like pouring water out of the glass. They feel depressed, desperate and helplessness and quit the game. However escaping a problem is not a solution. Even if you are struggling to do better, why not go for little more workouts before you play. Why not study the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent.

They try to work over the time and fight harder to defeat the opponent. Giving up is not the only option you have left, Michael Jordan’s words carry the spirit that we should work until the end of race, even at the border to lose. By doing that, we feel satisfied as we did not give up but fought till the end.

Change Impossible to Possible NEXT Time

Though the game seems complicated but fastening your belt will let you change impossible to possible. Who knows, soon you are going to thunder.

Have strong faith in you, build conviction that you can fight any problem that may arise in your life or game, don’t stop until you succeed your paths. Always try to think better for next time. Believe that soon you are going to attain much more and see that there’s still a ray of hope for you!

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Imagine the Future

What do you think when you are drowning in a lake? Will you lose hope or will you think of living at any cost? Won’t you think of using your hands to stay at the top of the lake? Won’t you think of using your mouth to call someone for help? Won’t you remember using legs can make the balance? Yes, you will sure do.

Never forget that your fighting capacity is like a bicycle lamp running with motor, the more you pedal, the brighter it will focus. So the more you do hard work, the longer you can stay.

In a short span of time, you will identify your strengths and weakness where you can work more, it helps to work more on foundations and improve weaknesses.

When your life gets saved from drowning, you understand that your efforts have not gone in vain. Similarly, face the challenges, all odd during the learning phase and sustain your life. The struggle to win the game and the sweat you shed during the process will lead you to the trophy.

You will forget the every second fought for saving, but the only thing you remember is the happy moment when you stepped on the ground. Imagine the joy your parents will feel, the smile on your friends and siblings faces and happiness of every fan of the nation; this lets you forget your pain.


Stay motivated all the time and remember that you are competing with your own. With each game or each try, you will become a better player and ultimately lands you with the trophy. All things happened yesterday will be forgotten and the happy moments of today and tomorrow will be carried forward.


Written By: Muppasani Susmitha



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