Honesty: The Backup for Confidence and Performance



“Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist.” ― Mary Kay Ash


How many of those who choose dishonesty over honesty to fulfil their goals are successful ultimately? Not even a handful definitely. An honest approach towards the fulfilment of a goal is highly vital to be successful. Honesty helps to maintain a balance between the actions and the results continuously. Failing to stick to honesty in actions can lead to the suppression of some additional necessities integral for goal achievement.

Dishonest People Fail to Perform

Every goal requires a plan and subsequent actions by sticking to the plan. This also requires honesty to coexist for the proper functioning of the plan and for ensuring that all the actions yield desired results.

Being dishonest leads to a serious hampering of confidence and this in turn hampers the ability to perform up to the mark. A dishonest approach results in a steady fear and anticipation in the mind of the person which in turn leads to his loss of focus on the target. However, a person who is honest stays confident and sticks to his plan of action. Honesty ultimately leads to success, dishonesty never does.

Mahatma Gandhi: The Name which Stands with Honesty

How big might the target be, honesty always helps to reach up to it. Mahatma Gandhi is well known for his immense contribution towards the Independence struggle of India against the British and the role of honesty in his actions. The task he undertook seemed near impossible, but honesty helped him win it, efficiently. Had he deviated from his path, results would definitely have been otherwise. Being honest helped him remain confident about the results and even strengthened his actions.

Final Thoughts

Being honest is an easy insurance for success. A person who stays honest in his actions gets assured success and timely results. However, a dishonest person suffers and tends to fall down at every step he takes pillared by dishonesty.


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Written By: Hetal Kabra


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