Honesty Is An Expensive Gift Which Remains Fruitful Always And You Will Not Get Back From All Kinds Of People


“Honesty prospers in every condition of life.” ― Friedrich Schiller


Honesty is Being You and this can not be Expected from All Kinds of People

In today’s world, honesty is just in books, which are not even opened by people. Sometimes you may rarely find it in some people but not find in others. So as a person at least you should be honest with others so that even they may follow this policy in the future. Once if you lose your importance in front of people, you will not be able to gain their respect back. Honesty is an expensive gift that you should not let go or even try to misuse it in any way.

Not Everyone can Handle the Consequences of Being Honest

It is our primary duty that we trust others and then let them have faith in us by maintaining the level of honesty. As the honesty increases in you, then people will automatically start respecting you and will start to talk to you in a very polite manner. It remains fruitful always no matter how bad phase you are in. By faking or lying, you may achieve some happiness but it is not constant as the honesty teaches everybody a lesson at various stages of life. 

All kinds of people will not be honest with you because even you may not be honest with them. So, before blaming others that they are not honest just ask yourself whether you are.

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”
― Thomas Jefferson

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Honesty has Changed Lives of Many as it Remains Fruitful Always in Any Situation

If honesty was not a part of our life, then many would have cheated on you and you would not even know about it. Considering a company where many employees work and there is a coordinator who looks after their work and then the boss comes on top. Now the employees should be honest towards the coordinator and the coordinator should be honest towards his boss for the company to run successfully.

If in crisis situation, employees are not honest to company, some day or other, the company would let go off the dishonest employee. If at all the flowchart is disturbed, then it will be loss to all of these and they will lose whatever they have earned in these many years.

Honesty is an Expensive Gift, which is Aced by Only Few

Honesty is the only thing, which you will not find so easily in all kinds of people as they are different from one another. Moreover, you should concentrate that even you are honest towards other. If at all you are not honest, then do not even think that people are going to be honest towards you. Before judging someone else and pointing them down, look at yourself first so that next time whenever you are pointing others you shall at least try to be honest.

Honesty is not something, which you can steal or buy, it should come from the inside and you cannot deny to the fact that it remains fruitful always in whichever circumstances you are in.

Honesty is the best policy.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Honesty Makes You Feel Proud

If at all you think that what you will achieve by being honest to others, then it is their respect, which they give you, which shall make you proud and happy.

Never break anyone’s trust, as honesty is an expensive gift that you should make the best use of it. Once you break anybody’s trust, you can never gain it back. It is the most powerful weapon and tool you can have in any phase of your life. If you are true to yourself, to all kinds of people, then surely, you are much closer to your dreams than the ones who are dishonest.

“Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure.”
― James Altucher

Honesty has always been the greatest source of motivation for humankind. Be it sad or happy phase of life, honesty from you must never die.

We hope to keep your honesty alive from this article. Do comment what do you think of honesty in every situations of life and how do you deal with it!


Written By: Hetal Kabra


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