Honesty: An Unaffordable Asset For Cheap People



“Honesty is a very expensive gift, Don’t expect it from cheap people.” ― Warren Buffett


Honesty comes as an accessory with courage and confidence. A person who is confident of his deeds would definitely stick to honest path of action rather than a person who adopted unfair means. Honesty requires a great amount of courage on the part of the person, which seriously lacks in the cheap people.

Honesty Leads To Success

If a person aspires to be successful in certain venture that he undertakes, he must ensure that every single action of his is honest. Being honest requires great amount of courage and everyone should have that much courage to get fruitful results from their actions. Time and again situations could compel every single individual to deviate from the path of honesty. But a person should be able to resist all such temptations and stick to his path of honesty. Cheap people fail to resist these and alter their pathways. Hence, it has been said that honesty comes with an expense which the cheap people fail to pay.

George Washington: The Man with Honesty Running in his Veins

The story of George Washington is one among many which testify the essence of honesty in everyone’s lives. George was gifted with an axe on the eve of his birthday. While testing his skills, he accidentally cut one cherry tree, which used to be his father’s favourite. However, when confronted by his father he showed enough courage to reveal his misdeed and tell the truth to his father. Having chosen honesty as his path, his father was quite impressed with him. The same person, George, always stayed on honesty and rose to be one of the greatest men of the country and was widely known for his beliefs.

Final Thoughts

Whatsoever might the situation be, honesty yields the most fruitful results. Although the person has to compromise on something at the present, but the overall results in the long run would definitely be a lot better. Only those who stay strong and courageous display honesty and are thus successful in their lives.


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Written By: Hetal Kabra


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