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Honesty vs Lies: Honest Work is an Act of Social Responsibility


Honesty vs Lies: Honest Work is an Act of Social Responsibility
“In a world of lies and liars, an honest work of art is always an act of social responsibility.” ― Robert McKee


“Honesty is the best gift you can give.”

Undoubtedly lying is not good but is honesty often the proper way to opt for it?

Can you recall the last occasion when you met a colleague in the corridor at your workplace and greeted him “hi, how are you doing?” Naturally, most people will always respond with “I am fine, how are you?”

In the words of Octavius Machell, it is not the appropriate moment “to discuss the crushing reality of existence”.

The founder of conversation analysis, Harvey Sacks, wrote a famous article entitled, ‘Everyone has to lie’.

One can personally interpret how “fine thanks” was said as proof of the fact that our colleague is not doing fine at all. However, they will not be willing to say more at the moment.

Now, the question is, if everyone must tell lies at some point or the other?

Honesty as an Act of Social Responsibility

The necessary lies or necessary dishonesty help in keeping the wheels of sociality turning. It is a sort of social responsibility.

There are obvious distinctions between the lies that do not hurt anyone or white lies and the dangerous ones that lead to dangerous consequences in various ways.

According to a study, this concept is like the tides of honesty and lies and dishonesty ends up ebbing and flowing.

The question like, “does the outfit look good on me?” is often followed by “be brutally honest!” This notion of ‘brutal honesty’ reveals that too direct statements or too much honesty require mitigation to decrease the consequences of the honest assessments, delivery of news, and several other things.

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Honesty vs Lies: What Should You Consider before Telling a Lie?

Let us get to know what you might want to consider before finally opting for a white lie or a real lie.

  • Evaluate Intentions

If you are being altruistic and lying for protecting others or decreasing their pain, these lies are acceptable ones. Generally, the white lies do good to the listener.

For instance, if your son’s favorite relative is dying due to cancer, it is fine to say that the patient is not quite well presently instead of frightening your kid with the news of the impending death.

  • Brood Over the Consequences

As opposed to white lies, real lies are not minor or inconsequential. Their effects always benefit the liar as well.

Suppose, your co-worker collected the data you amassed and presented it in front of the boss as his own, the individual will be blatantly lying and acting in a manner that is not only self-serving but also untruthful.

Benefits of Indulging in Honest Work

You need to be honest with yourself about the activity you are doing and the reason behind it. Then you should try and be honest as much as possible with your near and dear ones. As humans, it should be our goal.

Your partner should know the truth and how you are evolving as an individual. If it does not happen, the person will not know the real you. Consequently, you will not be able to experience absolute intimacy which comes from honesty and vulnerability.

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How Can You Practice Honesty?

It is the most primary trait that somebody searches for in another individual. You should essentially mean what you are saying and vice versa. It is the first step to prove yourself as someone that the opposite party can trust.

It is such a quality that everyone admires. Therefore, being honest is the basis of both your personal and professional life. Some people always tend to lie in adverse situations.

Being honest and telling the truth is a habit that parents should ingrain in their children from the very early stages. Not only does it eliminate the necessity of lying but also keeps your conscience clean.

If you stick to honesty, you will experience a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

    • Self-analysis
    • Straightforwardness
    • Good habits
    • No exaggeration
    • Tact
    • Opportunities
    • Feedback
    • Forgiveness


Now, think about the situations and contingencies in which honesty becomes extremely significant. Ask yourself what is the best. It depends on what you are doing and who you are talking to.

Do remember that honesty is the best policy. What are your thoughts?



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