How Compassion Can Be The Religion You Follow


How Compassion Can Be The Religion You Follow
“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


As humans we are still divided by walls and looking out for bridges.

Community, religion, caste and creed end up compartmentalizing our existence whereas it was supposed to be used for uniting us.

The universal language understood by all happens to be that of compassion. Why not make that our ultimate religion?

Devote yourself to offering kindness to the ones in need and see the world change!

If there has to be something we as a world should follow, it should be the positive and ever-helpful virtue of kindness.

It not only grows by giving but comes back to us in a form which creates amazing results for us.

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Find out a number of ways in which you can turn kindness into a practice that benefits us all:

Preach and Show Compassion

Be a preacher of this beautiful and magical practice of kindness. Just like we follow religion and its teachings blindly, kindness can be followed too.

It is a beneficial and no non-sense way of being peaceful and stress-free in our lives.

Do not shy away from talking to people about the advantages of kindness and your experience with it.

Walk Out and Help as Many People as You Can

A small donation in the form of clothing, food or monetary help can go a long way.

Remember, all the wealth and luxury you are enjoying in your life is enjoyed only by a percentage of the population.

The rest of them are only praying for a kind human being to drop in and help them out.

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We All have a Social Responsibility

Not many of us take this up but we do have a responsibility towards the society we are living in.

We are aware that equality doesn’t exist in its full-form here. So, it immediately becomes our duty to balance it out by doing our bit.

Just Like Religion, Kindness Promises Inner Peace

When we practice religion, we expect something out of it, most inner peace, spiritual comfort and a good night’s sleep!

Similarly, kindness offers you all of these and more.

Sure, you get inner peace when you show compassion towards another help out in their endeavor, you also become spiritually comfortable and feel at ease with yourself and your contribution towards society!

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Your Kind Gesture Can Change Someone’s Life

It might be just a small attempt on your part to put a smile across someone’s face but for that person you are an angel at that very moment.

Take a moment and make it beautiful for the special someone in need. You will not only be blessed but also loved for the rest of your life.

Sudden, unexpected gestures create a ripple in the universe which return back in your favour.

Make Each of Your Action Intentionally Kind

From when you wake up in the morning to when you go back to sleep, concentrate on your thoughts and actions.

Make each action as kind as you can and you will have a day filled with good work which will define your character in the long run.


Worship kindness, people who are giving and unconditionally loving. These people are our idols who pave the path for a beautiful life. God is present in these people and the compassion they bestow upon us.

Transform your life by small gestures which can light up a person’s day while giving you inner peace and a loving soul.


Written By: Sampurna Sengupta



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