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5 Ways that Shows How Kind Gesture Helps

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”


People who are compassionate clearly acknowledge the benefits to their happiness and wellbeing. Continuously being kind results in a reduction of stress and boost emotional wellbeing.

No matter what phase you are going through in life, you should never stop showing kind gestures.

Kindness is something that provokes you to do something which aids others.

With the kind gesture, you can demonstrate your willingness to contribute something good to the lives of others.

The demonstration of kind gesture makes it certain that you are dedicated to being compassionate.

5 Ways that Shows How Kind Gesture Helps
“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” ― Steve Maraboli


Ideas for Showing Your Kind Gesture:

    • Occasionally offer food to the beggars and needy people.
    • Arrange blankets and clothes for poor people during the cold season.
    • Feed stray dogs, birds, and other creatures around.
    • Volunteer for some local community organization.
    • If you hold expertise in some domain, offer your mentorship as free to someone struggling for it.
    • Assist your kids in their education by teaching them some life lessons.
    • Join an NGO and work whenever you get free time.
    • Assist any elderly persons around who find difficulty in walking.
    • Plant a tree occasionally and contribute towards a fresh environment.
    • Help your relatives and friends with financial support if you can.

5 Ways that Shows How Kind Gesture Helps:

1. Creates a Sense of Belonging

The sense of belonging is what keeps a person going on in life. The feelings of isolation mentally destroy a person so much so that he finds it difficult to pass each day. This may result in catastrophic events like suicide.

When you develop a habit of exhibiting kind gestures, you will find how your social connections strengthen.

The people involved in the connections gain the benefits from any of the different perspectives like mental, emotional, financial, etc.

To elaborate this, for instance, volunteering and aiding others can let you feel a sense of belonging.

You will be amazed to see how strong connections you have made and how these connections reap benefits to a huge number of people.

To get the most of the sense of belongings, you can volunteer at a food bank.

The famous quote from Daniel Goleman in this regards is:

“True compassion means not only feeling another’s pain but also being moved to help relieve it.”

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2. Reduction in Negative Emotions

Emotions are the ones that not only drive a person mentally but also influence them physically.

Getting distressed gives a feeling to the mind that is identical to hitting a hammer on your body. This implies that negative emotions or stress can severely influence your mental well-being.

On the other hand, exhibiting kind gestures extracts positive emotions. These emotions gradually decrease negative emotions.

When you involve in an act of kindness, there are reduced odds of sadness, anger, and fear.

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3. Kindness Comes Back Around

From a psychological perspective, the research demonstrates some surprising aspects of kindness.

One of the research shows that one of the various possible motivations is reciprocity i.e. the returning of a favor. It can take place directly or indirectly.

When you had shown kindness towards somebody in past, the particular person may remember your deed. Therefore, the probabilities are high that he will aid you in the future.

In the context of making yourself and others happy, I remember one of the quotes from Dalai Lama:

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

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4. Encourages You to Live Life Happily

The acts of kindness are interconnected to boost the feelings of well-being. Aiding others can improve your support networks and motivates you to live with vitality.

Consequently, it improves your self-esteem. Observing your kind gesture encourages others around to adopt the same. Eventually, it lifts everyone’s spirit.

5. Strengthens Connections

Without social connections, life seems plain and boring. For many people, social connections are the reason to lead life.

Being compassionate and demonstrating kind gesture explores various possibilities to begin or enhance a social connection with somebody.

For instance, kind acts like presenting a gift or aiding friends or relatives in their bad days reinforce your connections with them. Volunteering unlocks new circles of people to mingle with.

Mahatma Gandhi says,

“Compassion is a muscle that gets stronger with use.”

It implies that the works we do for each other dictate our true strength.

Concluding Thoughts

It costs you nothing to show kind gesture towards others. But in return it provides you with incredible pleasure and a sense of satisfaction. Also, it strengthens humanity within you.



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