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How To Achieve Your Best In Life?


How To Achieve Your Best In Life?
“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.” ― Steve Maraboli


The man is a social animal who have a purpose in life and this trait distinguishes us from animals. In fact, animals also have some purpose in life, though most of it is driven by survival instinct. But we are born with survival instinct and with time we develop some purpose in life, some aim in life, some motive in life for which we can even push our self to any limits.

Born To Achieve

We are born on this earth to achieve our greatest self. The sole purpose of life is revolving around evolution. With time, things get improved from its previous state. Same goes true with us.

If we are born then it’s our duty to improve our life, achieve something in life and contribute to humanity. If I give my best and achieve what I deserve then automatically I will contribute to humanity.

Most people never realize their potential and what they are capable of. This hampers their confidence and belief in themselves.

Always set a goal and target which you know is tough but you also know that with hard work and motivation you can achieve it. That is the way to live life. This will also make your life worth living.

We are not born just to eat, drink and marry. We should put our best effort in life and push our self to limits because that is how greatness is achieved and we are worthy of greatness, the only thing required is a belief in oneself.

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The motivation behind living should be driven by the purpose of life which we have set for our self. Like for a news writer, purpose of life is to write articles. He should devote his time and energy to writing good articles without fear of anyone. He can write average articles and survive but that is the difference between a man and a great man. A great man will always push his limits, he will put that extra effort required for achieving his goal.

One thing should be clear, just setting a purpose or goal is not important, one should be ready to live his life accordingly. Your whole life should revolve around it without any fear and ultimate desire to fulfill it. Means to achieve an end is equally important.

We have to constantly ask our self, whether we are ready to make sacrifices to reach our goal? People get broke in doing so but a willful and motivated man never succumbs to any hardship in the path of his goal.

Courage is a trait which makes a man great. At times we require courageous decisions to be taken and such situations only test our personality. For example, Mahatma Gandhi had to make a decision whether to go forward with his non-violent ‘Satyagraha’ or to succumb to other leaders demand to consider violent means, in his fight against colonization. But he stuck to his non-violent methods as these were his basic doctrine and that courageous decision drove us to Independence.

We can survive on this earth by just living like animals caring for only our survivals. But is that sufficient?

The answer is NO. If we are born human, then we have to act like one. Everyone should put his extra effort to become a better man, the man which we aspire ourselves to become and under the process in doing so we should be courageous enough to face all the challenges.

If we achieve in doing so, then no doubt we will do justice with our life and ultimately with the humanity, because that is why we got birth as a human being and that is what makes us a social intellectual man.


Written By: Mohit Dwivedi



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