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How To Attain Peace In This Complex World?


How To Attain Peace In This Complex World?
“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” ― Mother Teresa


Mother Teresa, a nun and a missionary from Kolkata, always preached love and peace. According to her, peace is the solution to all our problems. I’ll explain it to you with an example.

When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel? If I talk about myself, I feel relaxed. There is no emotion of anger, sadness, or regret. You are in the ocean of tranquility. You are unaware of the happenings around you. It’s just you, your heart, and your mind.

As your day commences, you interact with the outer world. That’s the time when you experience all the emotions of anger, happiness, sadness, and stress.

Now consider, if you could attain your early morning peaceful state among the chaos. You can attain peace when you are detached with the worldly desires.

How Do You Define Peace?

Peace is defined when we are in a state of calmness.

When our mind is unaffected by the external circumstances, we are at peace.

When we realize that humanity is the only religion, we are at peace.

When we develop love and affection, we are at peace.

When we are influenced by positivity, we are at peace.

See, you have so many definitions for peace. You have so many reasons to be at peace. Just initiate and strive towards any or all of them, you will attain peace.

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How To Attain Peace?

We all are one, we all are human beings. The discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, ethnicity, and color are the reasons for hatred, jealousy, inequality and poverty. We are not born to hold grudges against anyone just because they are different from us.

The world is a place to live in harmony and peace. Life is too short and each moment should be cherished. Rather than complicating it, just keep it simple. Shed the robe of hatred and embrace each and everyone with love.

Take some inspiration from nature. It serves everyone regardless of so-called differences. A tree provides shade to each and every weary traveler.

Nature tells us that we all are equal and therefore, we should live in harmony. When we realize this simple concept, we attain peace. There will be no conflict and everyone will live joyously.

My Guru tells me, there is immense power in a smile. When you smile, half of your problems are solved.

In every adverse situation, keep smiling. A smile on your face is a symbol of humility, forgiveness and acceptance.

Hatred can induce a thousand wounds and a smile can heal each one of them. The next time you meet someone, embrace them with a smile and take a step towards peaceful life.

External conflicts are the result of our inner conflicts. According to a research, 50,000 thoughts originate in our mind in a day and most of them are negative.

When your mind is not at peace, your life becomes complicated and stressful. How can you keep your mind calm and peaceful? The answer lies in meditation.

I have been stammering for the past 20 years. For the person who stammers, life becomes extremely difficult. Constant thoughts of fear and shame dwell in your mind. It affects your work, relationships, and social life. It robs your mental peace.

It was so hard for me that I could not face my own parents! Then, my Guru introduced me to the world of meditation. With regular practice, I changed the course of my life.

Now, I consider stammering as a boon rather than a bane. My perspective changed and now the mind is flooded with positivity and tranquility. My heart and mind are at peace.

Love yourself and everyone around you. Instead of running from your fears, face them and start improvising.

Life is too short to hold grudges, embrace everyone alike. You should start living your life rather than spending it on baseless issues. Once you realize that we all are one, you will attain peace.


Written By: Mohit Dwivedi



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