How To Avoid Motivation Burnout and Stay Motivated for Long-Term Goals

“Having a long term goal provides a catalyst for motivation at every waking moment.”


How To Avoid Motivation Burnout and Stay Motivated for Long-Term Goals
“Having a long term goal provides a catalyst for motivation at every waking moment.” ― Peter J. Daniels


Starting a weight-loss program?

Launching a start-up business?

Targeting a prestigious exam?

Or, learning to adapt to the habit of waking up early in the morning! You’ve got to stay motivated throughout the journey. That’s what we have always been told, and that’s what seems to work. But why isn’t it working for you then?

Are you not trying hard enough to stay motivated throughout your journey of achieving long-term goals, or it doesn’t really matter in the long run!

Motivational energy is no different than an emotional overwhelm, it’s intense but short-term! Motivational burnout is real, and a lethal dream snatcher!

Unless you learn to tame your motivational energy and utilize it sustainably, your long-term goals in life will always seem unattainable.

It’s easy to dictate to someone the golden rules of motivation with unflinching fluency, but it’s as challenging to walk the talk.

That’s why it’s very essential to learn the ways to avoid motivation burnout and sustain your motivational energy until the accomplishment of a goal.

Be In It to Win It! The Mantra of Long-Term Goals

“We all need lots of powerful long range goals to help us past the short-term obstacles.”
― Jim Rohn

    • Don’t give up early! Don’t give up when the troubled waters start rocking your boat! Make the best use of your skills, resources, and resolve to avoid capsizing. Believe that you got plenty of time to work on your goals.
    • There’s no hurry! You’ll crash and burn if you try to do everything in the next thirty days. Fast growth is desirable, but unless it is long-term, you will find yourself traveling in circles.
    • In order to accomplish long-term goals, changing your habits slowly and steadily seems to be the key! In the short term, it may seem like a tiresome process, but it’ll surely be worth it! Isn’t it strange how the next month can feel like an eternity while the previous year seems to have passed us by in the blink of an eye?

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Ponder Over Your Present, Future, and the Next Step – Stay Motivated!

“Think Long-term. Execute Short-term. Experience Now!”

    • Different people measure the distance between their present and the desirable future differently. For some people, it may measure as the efforts required for shifting from a rented flat to a personal bungalow.
    • For a writer, it may imply a distance needed to cover from the beginning of a career to selling millions of copies of books. But does it really matter! As long as you know where you want to be, the distance won’t matter if you’re willing to take the next step every single time.
    • The key here is to plan and take the next step, although gradually but surely, and you’ll see yourself reach the goal. Don’t get intimidated by overnight success stories, they don’t happen overnight, your brain tricks you into believing that!
    • Each and every tech billionaire has had his fair share of failures before succeeding, but they took the next step every single time! Most people fail to achieve their goals because “the next step” always seems insignificant in comparison to your entire goal. It’s how our mind is programmed to be! But, know that your next step is the pathway to reach the final goal, it’s not insignificant!

Getting Out of “I don’t feel like doing it” Phase / Motivation Burnout Phase

“Push yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you.”

    • There’ll definitely come a time when you’re drained of motivation, just a step away from throwing away the whole plan, that’s when you’ll need to stay strong. When you don’t feel like doing it anymore, that’s the time when you need to push yourself to do it! You may not be able to give your best during such time, but minimum efforts matter as well.
    • You need to set a minimum limit of efforts, below which you’re never allowed to roam. So, on a bad day, you can stick to the minimum, and on sunny days, you can go for the maximum effort. So, sitting idle is not an option!
    • You just went through a breakup, you’re feeling ill, your friend needs your help, whatever your reason may be, stick to the minimum during those days. But, as soon as everything is normal, push yourself to the limit each day, until you reach your destination.

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The Crux of It!

By now, you would’ve figured that there’s no blue pill to keep your motivational instincts up all the time.

There’ll be good times as well as bad times. You have to devise your lifestyle, right from tiny habits to major life choices, in such a way that it allows you to keep going in the direction of your long-term goals, no matter how bad the situation gets.

The pace of your journey may not stay constant throughout but it is to be your moral obligation to keep moving towards the goal.

Crush motivation burnout, keep yourself motivated, and stay in the battlefield long enough to taste the victory.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to love, live life, proceed, and progress!



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