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How To Be Helpful In A World Full Of Indifferent People

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.”


How To Be Helpful In A World Full Of Indifferent People
“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.” ― Jesse Jackson


In a world full of people serving their selfish interests, it is crucial to be a helper. Now who is a helper?

It is that person who rushes to an accident site first. This person if you notice, unlike others, doesn’t take one second to rethink if he should get involved. He just does!

This can be termed as stupidity by some but godliness by many. Be this generous and a helpful soul, who doesn’t consider his selfish goals over a person in trouble. This man or woman is whom we call a universal helper.

People who are helpful have one thing in common. They see everyone as equal. Helpers are humble and know that we all belong to the same ground after death.

Not looking down upon someone who is living a life less desirable than yours is a good way to start. If you have to look down, make sure it’s to help them up!

No one can teach you to be a good soul, it is just something you are attributed with. We all are lit up on the inside with love, compassion and kindness. Make good use of it!

Learn how to be a helpful soul while everyone backs out:

1. Be Selfless

It is not okay to be selfish. Whoever taught us this didn’t do their job right. Life is not unlimited, we may not exist tomorrow; do you seriously want to die a selfish man who helped no one in his life but himself?

If that image doesn’t knock you down already, think about this- No one has a good, kind thing to say about you when you are dead because you didn’t do anything generous.

2. Think of Ways in which You can be Helpful and Brighten Up Someone’s Day

Solutions are fascinating. You can think out ways to make someone’s life easier. If a friend, family member or stranger bares their heart to you and talks to you about problems they are facing, take it up as a personal concern and find solutions to their issue. They will be grateful forever and you will be loved!

3. Be the First One to Hug a Person in Trouble

Only a few people can jump into problematic areas of people’s lives and find a way for them. Be that person, hug him or her tightly and tell them that they are so loved and are doing the best they can. Appreciate their efforts and make them brim with joy and self-love.

4. Spread Positivity in their Life

Positive affirmations are an amazing way to lift someone up. If you want to encourage somebody immediately and change their negative attitude to sparkling new positivity, charge them up with beautiful words which induce confidence.

5. Be Available for People

Sometimes all it needs is for you to be present during someone’s sufferings. Clean their house and declutter their life, cook them a hot meal while they are suffering from cold, give them a therapeutic massage when they are crying out for help, destress them with some good music, a bottle of wine and a session of ranting.

You are helping them return back to normalcy with these small gestures.


The sweetest thing we can be is helpful. People need our help all the time and ridding them of their worries is a godly act to engage in.

Treat everyone as an equal and know that you could have been in a helpless situation as them and you would have loved someone lending a hand.

You are on this planet with a goal to give as much as you can, so stop storing up for yourself and give, give, give!


Written By: Sampurna Sengupta



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