How to Face Failures in Life?



“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” ― Bill Gates


Most of us have enjoyed success at various points in our life and we have all celebrated these successes one way or the other. We all know how to celebrate the successes in life; however, what most of us do not know is how to face failures in life.

Bill Gates famously quoted “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” which is something we all need to understand about life.

Most of us are brought up in a society where we are taught that we should succeed in everything we try to do in life. We are never taught how to face failures nor taught to see the best in failures and utilize these inevitable failures in life.

What should I Do if I Fail?

Many successful people have stated that even the tiniest chance for success in their life came after they have failed many times in life. Many of us are not trained to see the positive aspects in failures. We consider them as a very bad luck, sometimes even a disaster for our life. Due to this reason what happens is that we do not accept the fact that failures are natural and they should be treated as the best lesson providing experiences in life.

Like some old saying goes – Success comes from good decisions, good decisions come from experiences and experiences come from failures/bad decisions. The fact is you can be successful only if you learn to embrace your failures and treat yourself with as much dignity as when you succeed in something.

Failing is natural and the only thing to do when you fail is to learn from the experience and try your best never to repeat the same mistake again in your life.

How to Face Failures in Life?

Facing failures is one of the most important lessons to be learned in life. If you learn to face failures, you will learn how to extract the biggest lessons from your failures in the future or past. One should learn to face failures in life with the same grace in celebrating success. We do understand how much failures can hurt you.

Instead of considering the failures in your life as negative things that happen to you, try to accept these failures as lessons you would have never learnt otherwise. Facing failures should be thought of as a process of learning from the best teacher in the world. Facing failures should also be taken as experiences you would never have if you had succeeded in the very first attempt.

We are being brought up in a world which is trying to mold up only champions. What many of us fail to understand in that process is how inevitable failures are in our life and also how important these failures are. To face failures with dignity, you need to become extremely self confident and also courageous.

It is time that we should understand that failures are not as negative as we were taught. If you read personal experiences and stories of the greatest minds in the world, you will get to understand how much failures are important.

Edison has admitted that he has done over 1000 experiments before coming up with the solution for a light bulb. When a reporter once asked him, how sad he felt while he failed so many times, he famously said that he did not at all and that now he knows a 1000 ways in which a light bulb cannot work!


Having a positive attitude towards life and facing failures with dignity are going to be the only ways which you get to actually celebrate success by being a successful person. Fail more and in turn learn and become successful. We wish you the very best of luck in your journey called life!


Written By: Govind Gopinath



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