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How You Treat Others Shows What You Are


How You Treat Others Shows What You Are
“Treat everyone with politeness and kindness, not because they are nice, but because you are.” ― Roy T. Bennett


A lesser known wisdom tip says that if you want to know the real character of a man, then see how he treats those who cannot do anything for him.

This is really true, for everyone treats those with whom he has a certain relationship of proximity or benefit. But to treat stark strangers, who may not be of any “use” to you, is when the true character of a person is reflected.

Our very own character is reflected in such situations. Are we generous and polite with others? It shows what we are really made up of.

When we treat such people who may not have any significant value in our life, we express ourselves. It is not about them, it is about us. What kind of person we are becomes evident by the way we treat others.

Treat Others with Politeness and Kindness

Sometimes we not even realize how treating others with politeness and kindness help spread this further. The person who receives it from you will often pass it on to others.

This chain reaction helps make the world a better place for everyone. It may often help you in a way you may have never imagined.

Read on this story, to know how a simple act of politeness can even save that person’s life.

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There was an engineer who worked in a big ice factory. Every morning when he entered the factory, the security guard would salute him and wish him ‘good morning’.

The other senior employees would rarely respond. But this engineer would always wish him back cheerfully every morning.

At the end of the shift every evening, they would again wish each other ‘good night’.

One evening the engineer was busy with an ice making machine and lost track of time. Everyone had left for the day. The factory shop-floor has been closed from outside.

The low temperature inside was making his body chilly and cold. He tried knocking at the doors but there was no response.

He began preparing himself against the temperature getting colder, which might eventually kill him.

Then suddenly he heard some noise and found that someone was opening the doors from outside. It was the guard.

When asked how he came to the rescue; the guard replied,

“Every evening you wish me while leaving. Today morning too, you wished me, but I did not find you wishing me back in the evening. So I came to check your whereabouts.”

It is an awesomely inspiring story that puts in a nutshell, the importance and significance of treating everyone with politeness and kindness.

Being polite and kind doesn’t cost anything, but can even save one’s life some day.



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