The Hunger For Learning – A Reason For Continual Growth

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”


The Hunger For Learning - A Reason For Continual Growth
“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” ― Anthony J. D’Angelo


Learning has always been the backbone of mankind for his survival from time immemorial. Be it formal or informal education, man has the thirst to learn and discover new ways of doing things and living life.

From the very birth of a human to old age, men directly or indirectly keep learning.

Being born into a new world, observing his parents and those around, going to school, interacting with peers, experiencing the workplace, and eventually having to learn about the changing generation from their grandchildren, humans have grown with hunger for learning as a part of their everyday lives.

As time goes on in one’s lifespan, it becomes a choice for humans as to how much they want to strive for; some settle for mediocrity whereas some ace heights in reaching the zenith of knowledge.

Where it all Began

Education or learning in the olden days was more of an exchange of learning a culture or a way of life.

Values, traditions, and rituals were passed on to children in terms of moulding their ways to the acceptable norms of society.

The entire society or the environment in which the child lived was their school and the elders were their teachers. Gradually, as time passed and as societies became more complex, the system of learning became more institutionalised and education was given beyond the learning of one’s own culture.

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Aspects of Learning

Though formal education may go a long way for a child in gaining knowledge and being an expert in their field, it is the lessons of everyday life or the moral lessons that one has to equally get in order to personally develop and grow into a fully matured and educated adult.

Over time, educational institutions have incorporated the moral science lessons in the school settings itself. These would cultivate the feelings of empathy, manage feelings, have self-awareness, harness social skills and other qualities like communication, problem-solving, judgment, reasoning, all of which would also give what is needed in navigating through life’s phases.

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The Hunger for Learning

Having a passion or hunger for learning is something that a man can possess mostly by choice. Passion for something can result in a lot of positive consequences.

It can be strong enough to move mountains, inspire ideas, initiate programs, be on the move and come up with discoveries and inventions that man has never known.

Having that thirst for knowledge gives motivation to students to find ways for solving problems, come out of adversities, and reach their ultimate goals.

The excitement in hoarding knowledge can make the learning process an enjoyable and productive one.

Finding newer ways of learning, doing it in different ways, incorporating novel methods, and exploring different vistas makes the initially dull subject a desirable one.

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Perks of a Learned Man

It is often said and believed that knowledge is power. Look around you and find the learned population and you will realise how well they master life and face the realities that life throws at them.

Just being open and accommodating to take in new information can ignite the power of your brain and mind in so many ways.


The children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. Therefore, for a better world and a better tomorrow for ourselves and those around, one must keep the hunger for learning alive. This gives you a reason to grow ceaselessly.

It is important to know oneself inside out as well as to be that instrument of change for the world outside.

Nurturing that attitude of wanting to give back to the environment that taught you a lot would definitely go a long way in one’s success.


Written By: Mathews Regi



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