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Ideas That Can Build Your Personality Over Beauty


Ideas That Can Build Your Personality Over Beauty
“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.” ― Dorothy Parker


If a person is beautiful in looks, it does not mean they are beauty at inside also. Your beauty is only on the outside, and your personality looks ugly. It can be understood from the fact of Dorothy Parker‘s saying “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”

Beauty is Outward Quality

Beauty is an outward quality, it does not have any connection with the heart that is deep inside. Beauty can be seen only on the surface. It does not tell who you are. It is just an outer appearance of how you look. You should have a heart that is beautiful, with certain morals and beliefs.

A person can be said ugly if his personalities terribly mean or gossip over everything. Some people don’t do anything nice for anyone, and they can be termed as ugly to the bone.

Beauty is defined by the material things like what you wear, makeup, or how you do your hair and much more.  But everything is vain if you don’t have a nice personality that impresses people.

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Make Your Personality Beautiful

Your personality is the one that makes you beautiful. If you are the prettiest person in the world but if you are rude or stuck up, then you can be termed as deemed ugly.

Personality is not an outward quality that can be achieved with putting something on face or body. It is about how we are inside in the heart. Or else how we talk or how we behave with others.

People Tend to Awe by the Physical Appearance

The common thread for beauty in any country is youthfulness and femininity. Society pressures a woman to look younger and beautiful. However, the beauty is not everything. Whatever color we are, or which country we belong, or how we look is nothing before our inner beauty.

Don’t stick too much to the societies standards. Keep yourself true. If someone looks nice, it does not mean they will be a good from the heart. Always give importance to how you treat others rather than how you look. Your looks don’t last forever. As looks don’t last forever, so don’t take tension for those things. Beauty is nothing if you don’t have a real personality to match it.

Real Beauty is at Heart

Be conscious and take care of both inner beauty and outer beauty. Real beauty lies what you are at heart. Dorothy Parker in the quote is talking about the physical appearance of a person exclusively. People assume a good looking person to be competent, smart and moral.

When someone doesn’t look good, then they are termed as dumb, immoral, incompetent and even dangerous.

A person’s true nature cannot be known by looking their beauty or how they look. Ugliness in this quote is talking about non-physical attributes such as beautiful or hideous. The contrast between the bone and skin is to point out which sort of beauty is more valuable.

Bones are the hardest part of the body while skin is the softest part of the body which is attractive. Bones endure long after death and skin ultimately sag. The same applies with this quote. Good and evil deeds leave an impact on the world. The beauty shown by others is nothing but external façade which hides the reality. As per the quote, beauty contrasts with the ugliness.


As we know, people tend to show their façade which is good and beautiful to others. Ugliness can be termed as the real thing of a person which means how he really in his personality. People want to show only their good things about them, and they hide the ugly and bad things from publicizing.


Written By: Muppasani Susmitha



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