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If There Is Trust, There Is Love

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were.”


It is always better to trust the person first than to fall in love as we may not always trust the person we love, but we can always feel love for the person whom we trust.

There are lots of relations growing in our life with friends, with family members, with parents, in the workplace, even with our neighbours.

The relationship is made easily but is really hard to maintain the relation for a long time.

If There Is Trust, There Is Love
“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.” ― Richard Bach


Space is the Most Vital Factor in any Relation

As per the above inspirational quote, space and trust are the most important factors in any relationship.

Each of us has certain unique traits in our character like some love music, some like reading, some love watching TV, and nobody wants to lose his/her own individuality whether he/she is in a relation or not.

If all the time, we are surrounded by our spouse or partner, we could never feel comfort as though we love the moments spend together, but there are other priorities in life.

If we have deep trust in our partner, then separation for some time does not matter much.

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Don’t Be Over-Protective

Over protectiveness in any relation just do nothing right but destroy the relationship slowly.

We protect our loved ones like a mother protects her kids. But in tender age, the kids need the protection. When they grew up, we have to let them go in their own path.

So, letting go is necessary. It does not mean you are leaving them. It simply means let them fulfil his/her other wishes.

True love does not teach binding anyone forcefully and controlling them.

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Everything Comes Back if it Belongs to Us

Love is the most natural force of mind, but love cannot be made forcefully.

For instance, when we plant any seed it takes the time to grow up. It needs air, food and light in proportion. If we give excess water or excess food or keep it under excessive sunlight, it will die. Just the same things happen in relations.

We must bear in mind that if the love is genuine and real, it will come back, the long time separation matters nothing.

Love is not slavery; love is to feel free and light as you can fly in the open sky like a free bird.

Love begins with the word trust and ends with faith.

If you have trust on your partner, you can set him free to live his life and expect the same from him.

Sometimes many relationships break up only due to lack of approval from family heads, and the boy or girl does as their family wants.

So never regret if you had such experience as they were never meant to be yours.

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Love and Trust Come Together

Love and trust are the two balances of a perfect relation where love follows trust and vice versa.

If we compare the connection between two people as a bridge, love and trust are the two ends that connect the two souls.

But if trust is broken, then it’s the hardest job to re-build.

When a mirror gets cracked, we can somehow manage to join the broken piece, but the scar in the mirror remains and reminds us those incidents.

So, we should maintain trust in our relationship with anyone at any cost. If your partner loves you from the core of the heart, he/she will come back for sure.

If after a long communication gap they began to avoid you, then it’s easy to understand the status of your love in their life.

How to Give Space

To give your partner a healthy space so that your relation with your loved one could breathe freely, you have to maintain certain things. Such as:

A) Know each other well.

B) Clear what you want in a gentle manner. If you say I need space—sounds rude and confusing, but if you say that I will miss you, but I want some time to do some office work or whatever, it is expected that your spouse could understand the situation well.

C) Show your willingness that you want to spend time with him/her.

D) Have a good communication. Don’t encourage misunderstanding.

E) Never rush for a relationship; take your time to understand your partner from inside.


If I quote one line from Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore’s poem that –

“Love does not claim possession, but gives freedom.”

So, protect your loved ones, but not so much, that they forget their own personality. Setting them free will make you understand how much they love you and how eager they are to meet you.

A little gap or absence will increase the passion to meet again. Build up trust, as trust is both reason and result of love.


Written By: Soma Bhattacharya



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