If You Want To Enjoy The Real Fun, Go And Do Something Impossible

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”


If You Want To Enjoy The Real Fun, Go And Do Something Impossible
“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” ― Walt Disney


Doing the Impossible

It cannot be done.

“It is impossible!”

The despair of a common man’s life in a diverse world reflects itself upon the trying of a man to achieve his goals and then failing.

Failure, the word that scares the masses, demotivates them and eventually leads them to conceive to the mere burden of its consequences.

But wait; wouldn’t we all be spending our miserable lives in the dark if Thomas Edison had given up hope in trying to invent the bulb?

Wasn’t he a common man like the 7 billion human beings currently residing on planet Earth? Was he an alien? The answer is NO!

He was just another one in the lot, who refused to go down, who refused to be defeated by the word impossible.

To fall down trying is not defeat rather it is an achievement in itself. It takes a certain amount of courage to look the society in the eye and stand up against those who do not dare to dream, who do not dare to aspire and are just obstacles for others.

Success can only be achieved if you take it as a stair, every time you fail, take it as a step towards your dream that one day you might be recognized because of it.

As Edison said: I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

What’s the fun in doing what everybody else can? What’s the thrill in following the line?

To achieve inner satisfaction and to reach the top, sometimes you just need to be the outlaw, you need to break the rules, you need your mind to create the brilliant fantasies it creates out of this universe of possibilities and challenge the world that stamped the word “Impossible” on your dream.

Like Walt Disney said: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

It’s never easy, it can never be easy but once you get your mind on to something, hard work, and perseverance is what you need and nothing, I repeat nothing can stop you from achieving your destiny.

To the masses out there right now, Life has got you up against all the odds. You can’t give up. You can’t give in.

It’s not easy; it never will be easy, if it was, everybody would do it. And if life’s got you backed up, you need to do what the brave do, you need to stand up and fight back.

To shock the world and amaze them by knocking Goliath down. To repent and stand for your dream rather than letting it die only because the opposition was stronger.

We fall so we can learn to pick ourselves up, Life is going to throw everything at you but it’s that decision to either let it halt your ambition or to strive and give it everything you have to fuel your dream and stand out among the millions of cowards who gave up.

The Bottom Line

Hard work is what has raised these greats such as Walt Disney high up in the sky above from the rest of the pack. The world remembers those and looks up to all those who once mocked to be unable and crazy to even think of something new.

It’s upon us, common human beings, never to think of anything as unachievable, for it is the characteristic of life to throw obstacles at you but everything depends on whether you decide to take a leap of faith.

To trust your gut and just go for it and then see your name shine in the hall of fame.



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Vishakha Goyal
Vishakha Goyal
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