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If You Wish to Conquer Immortal Enemies, Seek Support from True Friend


If You Wish to Conquer Immortal Enemies, Seek Support from True Friend
“Only a true best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies.” ― Richelle Mead


Friends are the ones who know you inside-out and with whom you can feel like us. It requires you to conquer your enemies fearlessly under the support of true friendship. You do not need to concern about being adjudged as you know they understand you and know why you act in a definite way.

They have seen you in your best and nastiest and have accompanied you all the times. They are the ones who can support you deal with difficult situations and they are also the ones who can make you laugh even when life drives off the track.

Immortal enemies sound like calamity at first sight, which can be tackled through power of friendship.

Consider True Friend as Superior Power

True friend works as miracle for you in your tough situations. It is common that in your life, some immortal enemies exist in different forms and situations. If you have none of your friend who is true, supportive and loyal to you, then enemies might overcome you.

In the company of true best friend, you will gain superior power to defeat them. It tells you to consider the amalgamation of your friend’s superior power and support in your effort of protecting against enemies.

No matter what gossips or bad reports are dispersed about a friend, the true friend will converse directly with you and stand with you even through the biggest enemies like fire or the flood.

The evil power of immortal enemies gets diminished gradually under the effect of superior power of your friendship with a true best friend.

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Learn to Conquer Enemies through Friends

Disappointment comes when you fail to find the correct way to combat your enemies through positive efforts from your friends. Shift your focus to take support from your friends in such situations.

You should be open and clear in your discussion with your true friend regarding the enemies required to be conquered by both of you. You can ask for assistance from your friend without being hesitant about the rejection or disagreement.

When you enjoy the positive efforts and support made by your friends in combating the enemies, triumph has to follow. In the absence of appropriate support from friend, your enemy might overcome you and take advantages of your weakness.

Let your enemies know that you are not alone in facing them as your true best friend is behind you as a support to seek protection. A complete trust and loyalty in the friendship will only help you to learn the best way to be protected from your enemies.

Abandon the Fear of Enemies

Enemies are neither a bad thing nor a sign of your weakness or failure. Most fears of enemies are irrational and awkward. Enemies are just to test your strength and power of your friendship support. It guides you towards success if you have fearlessly defeated them through your true best friend. It happens that all the time you may not get complete protection against enemies though your friends being in support for you.

Fear may multiply if you have previously not focused on it properly. It only requires abandoning the fear of enemies, so the next time when you require facing them, you should attain appropriate strength devoid of any fear.

Develop a habit of taking up of risk in facing enemies while you are in support of true friend. Trust the loyalty and companionship of your best friend in course of seeking protection against enemies. Gaining the benefits of companionship of true friend will simplify half of the fear you have developed in your mind regarding the enemies to conquer.


Written By: Tejas Adesara



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