Ignoring The Wrong And Embracing The Right Confidently, Is The Thing Required To Succeed



“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.” ― Mark Twain


Being able to ignore the wrong and unnecessary and embracing the right things is not just a skill but an act towards success. Every individual has right and wrong characters, being smart and capable enough to differentiate between these is lacking in many of us. That set of people in your life who are trying to pull your leg down does not need to be given any consideration, by that it means- the best way to react to them is by ignorance. This can be done once you are confident and determined about what and who you want in your life. This is precisely explained in the quote: “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.”

Inwards Competition is Tougher

The main challenge that everyone faces is not the competition from outside, it’s the inward doubt and anxiety. Doubting ourselves too much is a key factor that affects our performance. It is important to concentrate on success with ignorance and confidence. Set the plans and have a blue-print within yourself to achieve your objectives. This will help in understanding what is expected and how things can be achieved. This also helps in ignoring any unnecessary thought and outside competition. Make sure no external factors are taking control over you to change the plan. Be smart enough to analyze the status now and then to check if the initial plan still holds good or if any alteration is required.

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Gain Confidence Day by Day

For every good thing there is a bad side. Be confident about what you are looking to perceive and stay determined. People and things may try to make you drop your confidence but it is at the end of the day your call. Failures should not make you rethink your capability; it should help you understand what went wrong and how it can be rectified. Whether small or big, consider each advice and pick only the positive things from it, not the negative. Stay focused on your goal and let know close and trustworthy people your ideas, brainstorming will not just help you in gaining confidence but will also help you with some information that can’t be learnt through any documents. Let your heart and mind know – “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.”

It is good to be confidence in your work and trusting people around you, but make sure everything is validated with evidence. Try to gather supporting documents and evidences for every task that is done. This will help you in letting the world know your efforts and can be used by you for future references. Confidence is not something that can happen overnight, it gradually increases according to your performance and result. Failures should not be a factor to lose confidence, it should be considered as stepping stones to get closer to success.

Think Beyond Obvious

Everyone has a good amount of creativity and talent, but only a few make use of this. To get value for your effort, make sure your work and thoughts are not obvious things. Be unique and focus on delivering something very interesting and helpful. Confidence and ignorance- take these two principles and apply it to your next challenge to find the difference.

Sometimes it’s really not the geniuses that are always on the top, but people who have wisdom, who had confidence on themselves. Thus goes the saying – “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.”


Written By: Ria D’cruz


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