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Importance of Education in the Context of Education Psychology

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”


Importance of Education in the Context of Education Psychology
“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.” ― Will Durant


We, as humans, haven’t always been this fantabulous at discovering things. We ascended on the planet Earth blindfolded! As did all other life forms.

What’s it that transformed us from Homo-erectus – Erect Man to Homo-sapiens – Wise Man! It’s our “curiosity’ and “necessity” that has made us come so far. Or, is something missing here?

Early man discovered fire by accident, or did he not? Was it really a man or a woman? Alright, let’s not put your minds to stress test here!

The essence of the matter is that whatever good we’ve acquired from time to time in this world, from our ignorant genesis to mindboggling present, it all amounts to cement the importance of Education and Education alone!

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Untangling “Education” in its Truest Sense

ABCs of Education – It’s an art of imbibing knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. There are many means through which we can satisfy the goals of education, such as teaching, research, training, storytelling, and discussion. Don’t let all these generic terms confuse you though!

Education doesn’t necessarily mean getting admitted to an institution and getting a degree in a particular field. Anything you learn via any means possible, either through an educator or by yourself, is education.

The importance of education solely lies in the fact that via education, we can learn throughout our lives irrespective of our professions, lifestyles, beliefs, etc.

In fact, Education is the common ground where we all unite from the 1st sapiens on the Earth to the last men standing, and work for the betterment of our society.

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Education Psychology – Its Importance, What and Why!

The “What” Part!

Education Psychology deals with learning how we learn! It makes use of scientific ways to understand the processes involved in human learning. This field aims to understand the basic difference of learning methods between different individuals such as gifted learners, individuals with learning disabilities, etc.

It’s the utmost and urgent importance of education that has given the rise of educational psychology. We’re aiming to circumvent the barriers we face in getting educated on a higher scale by making use of this fascinating field.

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The “Why” Part!

Let’s simply point out the facts that make Education Psychology most relevant in today’s world:

      • It helps educators and learners to understand the basic differences in learning behaviors that occur at an individual level. That’s why its importance cannot be neglected!
      • Helps in setting up a productive, well-structured educating format that makes learning new things equally easy for everyone. The learning process gains the effectiveness and momentum it needs to make education spread.
      • With the help of Education Psychology, we are able to scientifically study what learning processes and strategies have what effects on students. The scientific interpretation of learning outcomes is made possible, helping in further reinforcing our educational standards.

Thus, overall, the importance of Education Psychology for the betterment of our education systems is undeniable.

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Ignorance vs. Education – The Final Battle

Ignorance is nothing but the absence of knowledge and realization of its importance! The right way to gain knowledge is via education. So, it’s safe to say that ignorance is like a pandemic whose only cure is education.

If done right, Education makes humankind achieve marvelous feats, but if impaired education is delivered through formal systems, it creates fundamentally corrupt beings, who either willingly or unwillingly, either prove to be of little value or detrimental to the society.

So, it’s very essential to understand the difference between education and ignorance to be able to classify ourselves in one of either team. If history has taught us anything, it’s that “ignorance by nature” is less destructive than “ignorance by choice”, which again bats for the importance of the right type of education.

Turning a blind eye towards tragic issues happening around us while we had the power to intervene is the classical example of being ignorant by choice. It makes us come to one intriguing conclusion that sometimes too much education turns people ignorant as well.

So, education indeed is the outcome of our ignorance, but we have to make sure that it’s not turning many of us into literate ignorants. It’s as indispensable to realize the importance of right way to learn as it is to learn.

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Giving Education its due Importance – The Way Forward

Self-introspection at a personal level is the key to ensure we’re actually working to strengthen our educational systems, and getting rid of ignorance in whichever form it may exist has been the whole purpose of it.

At the end of the day, it’s a continuous battle that we have to fight till eternity, there’s no way through which ignorance can completely disappear, but change its shape from one form to another.



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