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Importance of having Honest Friends in Your Life

“Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends.”


Everyone knows how important it is for us to have true and genuine friends. It is impossible to live life without friends, especially when your life is already lacking in loved ones.

In today’s time, friendship is the only thing that you want to get at all costs. But, it is equally important to differentiate between a mean friend and a true friend.

There is a lot of difference between an honest friend and a mean friend that automatically comes forward when the right time comes.

It is true that “Fake friends are like shadows- following you in the Sun and abandoning you in the dark.” (source)

An honest friend can prove to be the biggest capital of your life, helping you get out of your difficult times.

No doubt, you do not need too many friends that can heal your life, because one true friend could be enough for handling all of your worries and problems.

It can be challenging to define true friendship, particularly when you are feeling low in your life.

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Importance of having Honest Friends in Your Life
“Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends.” ― Aesop

Honest Friends Never Lie to Protect

If you seek to learn honest friends’ value, this will be the first important point you should fit into your brain now. At the present moment, we all have some dark secrets. That is why we could be trapped by any particular problem anytime.

If you have honest friends in your life, you can expect them to be real, even if you are wrong.

In easy sayings, honest friends never lie to protect you.

    • If you are wrong in some circumstances, you can expect your friends to be as real as possible with you.
    • They would pull your leg so bad that you would either be irritated or be as mad as them.
    • Real Friends do lift you and push to conquer your boundaries.

You Learn How to Stand Up for Yourself

With the help of some honest friends, you would learn how to stand up for yourself. Your friends can help you to know how to differentiate any situation that is looking similar. It means you can get a better point of view about any matter that you have to solve.

    • Everybody must have heard of the Fable of Two Friends and Bear. One friend saves himself, seeing upon the Bear, leaving his other friend. The other friend survives but lets his friend know what Bear advised him: “Never travel with a friend who desserts with at the time of danger.”

So this is how when a challenge is thrown, or danger approaches, test who your real friends are. Make sure you don’t stab your friends at back when times are bad.

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Honest Friends are like a Mirror

Indeed, Friendship can turn out to be a mirror for you that you can use to know yourself more. If you have genuine friends, they will reflect the things that are good or bad in you. Whether it is a bad or good phase, they will stand like a pillar with you.

    • Your friendship may be a cracked one, but your friend might still think of you as a nice egg.

Acquire Genuine Compliments

Most importantly, honest friends help you to acquire sincere compliments. They can make you laugh when nobody is complimenting you just to refresh your mood.

Friends who know you in and out are the ones who are close to you. They can do anything to cheer you up.

“A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they’re not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they’re not so bad.”
― Unknown

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Friends Trust You in All Situations

Furthermore, it would be best to fit in your brain that honest friends will always trust you when no one else is standing up to you.

There are so many situations in your life when even your loved ones would not believe you. This is when honest friends can stand with you and trust the things you are saying.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
― Walter Winchell

Of course, your friends will come up to you and talk to you about the situations more and more. Honest friends can help you to wipe out the tears you have in your eyes for any particular thing. Hence, you should not have so-called friends and make space for genuine friendship in your life.

Readers!! Do let us know if you have faced any such bad situation and your friend left or stood by you.

Do let us know in the comments what do you think of real friendship!!



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