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Importance of Implementing the Freedom of Religion In Our Lives


Most of the countries around the world practice freedom of religion and make it mandatory by law. India is a great example when it comes to the implementation of freedom of religion because here, we do not just practice two or three but several major religions.

Despite the differences, Indians are known to have unity in diversity. However, many ponder upon the importance of this freedom. Do we need it?

Importance of Implementing the Freedom of Religion In Our Lives
“The constitutional freedom of religion is the most inalienable and sacred of all human rights.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Let us check out the top three things that highlight the importance of freedom of religion!

1. Allows for Freedom of Speech & Expression

Allows for Freedom of Speech & Expression

Freedom of speech and expression is essential for human survival. Most countries recognized this at an early stage, and therefore this freedom was given to people as a fundamental right. When people are free to speak their minds and express their thoughts, they can lead a happy and content life.

When we talk about this in the context of freedom of religion, we need to understand that every human is intrinsically motivated to look for the meaning of life, and faith gives answers to most of them.

Having said that, not believing in any religion is also an answer for many. Therefore, people must have the right to express their feelings about religion, the meaning of life, and other spiritual aspects.

2. Freedom of Religion Helps in the Expansion of Perspectives

Freedom of Religion Helps In The Expansion of Perspectives

Another essential thing to note is that open dialogues help in an expansion of perspectives. When we think about it with regards to the practice of religion, it can be an exciting concept. Firstly, every religion teaches us similar things about peace, respect, and harmony. They all talk about the ultimate goal despite having different paths to reach that goal.

However, no one has seen the final goal with certainty, and we can only know about it for sure when we experience it ourselves. Therefore, the practice of freedom of religion can help in expanding their perspectives, and people can become more open-minded to learn about each other’s religion and beliefs.

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3. Helps in having Open Dialogues

Helps In Having Open Dialogues

History has seen several wars and destruction because of religion. But ironically, no religion teaches violence. Therefore, it is essential to learn our lessons from history and instigate open dialogues about having the freedom of religion.

It is crucial to understand that we can always learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. If wars in the past could not prove the superiority of one over another, it will not prove in the future either. Therefore, it is wiser to take a step back and have an open dialogue instead.

Everyone can choose to agree or disagree, but belief in your religion does not mean disrespect towards others. Hence, everyone must get to practice the religion that they want without any problems. Non-believers must also have the right not to practice any religion. That way, we can maintain a calm and tranquil society.

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Final Words

To sum up, it cannot be denied that human beings crave for freedom. It is the fundamental essence of life. In addition to that, religion helps in centering many people, so if they do not have the freedom to choose their religion, they can feel disoriented.

It is an outcome of other basic liberties, such as speech and expression. Therefore, the importance of letting people practice the religion of their choice cannot be denied. The three examples stated above highlight this importance more than anything else.

So, what are your thoughts on that? Are you a believer or a non-believer? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!



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