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Quote ArticlesArticles on HumanityIn a World full of Selfish Trickery, Be an Exception, Be Human!

In a World full of Selfish Trickery, Be an Exception, Be Human!


In a World full of Selfish Trickery, Be an Exception, Be Human!
“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.” ― Leo Tolstoy


Times have changed quite a lot. Everybody nowadays is least of the bit concerned about how they make another person feel. What we lack is humanity and empathy towards the ones we know the least. For, everybody focuses on their own personal struggles, forgetting that others are suffering too, dealing with the same hell but with a different devil altogether!

Make a Difference to this World, Be Human!

Most often times, we get focused on ourselves so much that literally everything, every single thing seems to revolve around our own selfish needs. Sadly, it is a true fact, that despite all our efforts to change, the selfish feeling never seems to go away.

We fail to recognize the struggles which the other person is going through for everybody is now a master at hiding pain and displaying fake smiles. However, you can make a difference!

Believe that there is a certain good in everybody and try your level best to be nice to people, even if you can’t help them in any way. This will make the day of those long lost suffering souls!

Humanity is a Feeling Achieved only by the Unselfish

I am not telling you to leave thinking about yourself completely and start indulging in helping others. I am just asking you to be a little empathetic towards others and their sufferings. All of them are fighting battles you know nothing of.

So, be a little nice to people and spread a smile on everyone’s face. All it takes is a loving heart and a compassionate mind for faith in humanity to be restored. For all, it might actually make a difference to their lives and give them hope for their seemingly bleak future!


Written By: Monika Nag



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