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The Infinite Beauty of Nature – Why Should We Protect Nature?


What is the role of NATURE in our life?

Have you ever thought what unites us all demolishing demographic, religious, political, social, and all other kinds of barriers?

What is your reason for being alive? Is it your religion that gives you air to breathe? Does your political party owe the reason for your existence?

The Infinite Beauty of Nature - Why Should You Protect Nature?
“Once you understand and appreciate nature’s beauty and complexity, you can protect it and get the most from it.” ― Stewart Stafford


Nature is the only cause for each of our mere existence. Actually, we are all born in a single race in the womb of mother nature.

Life of people on the Earth is as simple as that. It is us who began dividing people and lands. How beautiful would it be to live with no barriers and discriminations?

Nature can exist in our absence. But, can we live in the absence of nature? Nature is not only home to us, but many more species and genus.

The truth we have to admit is that our species is just a small part of mother nature.

Why Should We Protect Nature?

I have always been fascinated by the landscapes and the color palettes of nature. Have you ever been awestruck by the colors in the sky amidst a beach or mountain during the sunset? The color palette of nature is beyond imagination and imitations.

Nature is a great artist. The artistic experimentation of nature has succeeded in creating pictures of infinite beauty. And obviously, those pictures have conquered our hearts and eyes.

I still remember my first trek to the Himalayas.

Of course, I patted heavily at the beginning of the trail. I fell many times. There were times when I couldn’t breathe. At times, I thought I can’t make a single step more. And certain slopes obviously frightened me.

But, at the final destination, sitting on the top of a mountain amidst several snowcapped valleys and mountains, I felt my tears rolling out watching a splendid sunset. At that very moment, I felt nature.

I could no more differentiate between myself and nature. I have seen my life in nature.

Now, I am aware that nature lies in every individual. We are very much inseparable from nature. Won’t you protect yourself? And, that’s it. Protecting nature is an act of protecting ourselves.

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Explore the Infinite Beauty of Nature

Sadly, we are least interested in nature nowadays. Soon, we would all need to pay for fresh air if things are going up like this. Don’t you think it is high time to build up a strong relationship with nature?

And, can you see anything more truthful than nature with your eyes? Nature is the synonym for truth. I don’t actually mind it calling the Seen God.

While traveling in trains or on roads, how beautifully the landscape shifts. I believe in those changes. I believe in rain and rainbows. Don’t you also feel it?

Take your eyes off the screen for a while and watch the bliss. Else, you are missing a major part of your life.

Have you ever charted a time to spend with nature in your busy schedules? I doubt how many of us have ever done that in our hectic city lives.

Here are a few tips to explore the nature and know its essence:

    • Go for an hour of walk in the nearest park or sanctuary. The place away from the city with a lot of fauna and flora would be perfect.

John Muir had said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

    • Go for a hike or trekking at least once in a year. You can make new friends as well as prosper your relationship with nature.

Each trekking trail would be different. You can even find the same trekking trail different in the different seasons.

    • Hug a tree whenever you can. Read here to know more what hugging a tree does to you.
    • Make a garden at your home and spend time there.
    • Most of all, switch your eyes from the screen and look deep into nature whenever you can. The more often you look into nature, the more you will find yourself.

How To Save Nature?

Don’t you think it is our responsibility to save nature? As said earlier, saving nature means saving ourselves.

Here are some tips to save yourself by saving nature:

    • Plant more trees.
    • Reduce pollution. You can reduce pollution by reducing the use of chemicals in the household as well as by taking proper smoke checkups for your vehicles. Giving up on smoking is also a great strategy.
    • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle natural resources.
    • Stop using plastic.
    • Protect forests, wildlife sanctuaries, and sacred groves.

Final Words

Nature is an essential component of all of our lives. You can’t definitely lead a good life without a good nature around you.

We all would be saving nature in different ways. What is your step to save nature? How well is your relationship with nature?

Comment your views on the topic in the comment section below.

“As much as there is a part of you in nature, there is a part of nature in you.”



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