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Is Good Moral Character Really the DNA of Success and Happiness?


Is Good Moral Character Really the DNA of Success and Happiness?
“A good moral character is the first essential in a man. It is therefore highly important to endeavor not only to be learned, but virtuous.” ― George Washington


A good moral character can be exhibited through universal virtues such as honesty, empathy, courage, loyalty, and other good habits.

You can demonstrate a high moral character in everyday life by helping an older adult cross the road or offer your seat in public transport to someone who needs it more than you and other similar things.

In the words of Margaret Chase Smith,

“The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.”

Also, since ancient times, it has been said that having high moral standards can be the key to success and happiness.

In addition to that, ancient Western and Indian philosophers always focussed on developing good moral character in a human being to ensure a fulfilled life.

Modern scholars such as Mill, Marx, and Rawls also stressed morality and strong character to achieve overall happiness.

Good Moral Character for Success and Happiness

How does a good moral character help in achieving success and happiness? What can be the possible correlation between them? Let us check it out!

Have A Peaceful Mind

Good Moral Character - Have A Peaceful Mind

A person with a strong moral character has a peaceful mind. There is no need to create stories or lie about things if you are honest with yourself and the people around you.

Moreover, it helps you sleep better at night because:

    • Your actions and thoughts are coherent.
    • You take the high ground and not hold grudges against anyone.
    • Your anxiety levels are low.

Research shows that a good night’s sleep helps in keeping your body and mind calm, which helps in better mood and motivation levels.

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Generates Trust

Good Moral Character - Generates Trust

People with a strong moral character are perceived as honest people. Therefore, they tend to develop trust amongst their friends and family. They are more reliable, and people respect them.

Hence, they are more likely to have meaningful relationships, which means:

    • You have a fulfilled life.
    • You have someone who understands you.
    • You have someone who loves you for who you are.
    • You can be yourself at all times.

Have A Purpose in Life

Success and Happiness - Have A Purpose in Life

A person with a purpose in life has the drive to help others and make a difference in society.

One of my high school professor’s biggest lessons was to lead a life with dignity and purpose.

He told us the story of a boy who left home at the age of 14 to find meaning and achieved a lot of material success by the time he was 24 years old.

However, he could not find a purpose, and despite all the money, he could not feel a sense of happiness.

That’s when he renounced everything and found his goal in helping older people with leprosy.

During the ten years of his work life, he earned a lot of money through means of cheating and bribing.

He had all the material comforts in his house. But he never felt accomplished or truly happy. That’s where the valuable life lesson of building a strong character comes.

A good moral character also helps you understand your purpose in life and ultimately leads you to the path of happiness.

Final Words

To sum up, a good moral character can be the foundation for a simple life full of joy and happiness.

A person with high morals can be inherently happy because it becomes a guiding force for other aspects of life.

So, what is your take on that? Do you see this relationship, or do you completely disagree? We would love to hear your thoughts!



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