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Is Wealth More Important than Idealism?


Is Wealth More Important than Idealism?
“As idealistic as it may sound, altruism, not just competition and the desire for wealth, should be a driving force in business.” ― Dalai Lama XIV


There are many points of view when it comes to wealth. If we define wealth as having more money, society might make you believe that it is something wrong or against idealism. But it is also important to see wealth as something that gives you freedom and opportunities.

Having a restrictive view of wealth can be narrowing and also stressful. So, maybe it is time to change our point of view and see a life where wealth and idealism can still go hand in hand.

Things That Will Make You Believe That Wealth And Idealism Are Both Important
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Here are the top three things that will make you believe that wealth and idealism can both work together. So, there would be no need to choose wealth or idealism.

3 Things that Will Make You Believe that Wealth and Idealism are Both Important

1. Wealth Gives You Empowerment, but Idealism Helps You Stay Grounded

Wealth should not be seen as something negative but something that can bring empowerment and opportunities.

For example, if you love to see and experience new places, wealth in the form of money can give you the power to buy air tickets and fly to faraway places.

That way, you get empowered and learn more about the world as well as life. Additionally, if you have idealistic principles, you will know how to use your wealth wisely and not end up wasting it over futile things.

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2. Wealth Lets You Enjoy Things & Experiences, while Idealism Sets Limits to How Much You Buy

We live in a world where materialism is considered bad, but sometimes spending wealth on things and experiences can actually enrich your life. However, you must know your limits when you do that. Hence, idealism can help you set such limits to make sure you are in control.

People who work day and night to earn money or a decent livelihood know the struggles of life. This does not mean that idealism or principles are not important for them.

It just means that they understand that in order to survive and lead a good-quality life, they must earn and find better opportunities in life to stay motivated. In short, you can have wealth and still be idealistic.

3. Wealth Gives You the Freedom to Travel, but Idealism Helps You Learn from that Experience

Having money is the only way you can travel from one place to another. Travel brings with it a world of experiences where you learn from the culture, people, traditions, language, and food of another place.

Idealism is the only thing that helps you learn from that experience. This clearly shows that wealth and idealism need not exist without each other.

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Final Words

We live in a world that is far from perfect. We all have our flaws, and so does the world we live in. It is high time we begin seeing wealth for what it is – a way to achieve better opportunities in life and have a certain quality of life that allows you to enjoy it without any stress or pressures.

That said, you do not necessarily have to let go of your idealistic nature to obtain said wealth. You can practice perfectionism and idealism in your professional life as well.

However, when it comes to capitalism, it values money much more than life. We live in a capitalistic society where money is of immense importance.

But you can spend this money on your idealism and indulge in activities that empower you and those around you. This has always been the main takeaway for me, and I hope it helps you too.

What are your thoughts on wealth and idealism? Comment down below!



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