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It is Easy to Conquer by the Power of Love

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

It is Easy to Conquer by the Power of Love
“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.


Love is the strong willpower or force that can conquer the heart of anyone, as well as to turn our enemy into our friend. Love is the only language understood by everyone.

Whenever you have any kind of confrontation with your buddies, you can make them understand by using the power of love rather fights with them.

In our everyday life, we may try to solve many of our problems with arguments or by offering money, etc. But instead of solving, the situation became more critical and went beyond control. But if we tried with few kind words and showed our forgiveness, we can make any situation favourable.

How Can We Define Love?

Love is tough to explain with some particular words! We experience different types of love in our entire life. It’s not the romantic love between two lovers.

The love for our parents and siblings, love for our friends and family relatives, love for our pets have almost the same feeling that comes from our hearts.

So, it’s a feeling that teaches us how to take care of things, no matter how small it is.

There are so many songs and poems written on the theme of love, but whenever it comes to state the exact definition, love is very difficult to articulate. Only we can say that Love is the most natural feeling.

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Love Transforms People

Have you ever use love therapy to conquer your enemies? If not, then try just for once. Believe me; you will get an incredible result. There are so many stories about the transformation of the cruel person to a friendly one only by getting the touch of love.

Here comes a question: who are the enemy? In the greater sense, there are so many in our society. But talking about enmity in a personal relation, we count those people as our enemy with whom we could not share anything, with whom we confront often. We often face people talking at our back, mocking from behind and spreading lies about us.

How To Conquer Your Opponent with Love?

We can face such people in any field of our life, neither we can avoid, nor we can live with. The only way to bring peace in this type of relationship is with love.

Yes! You can conquer their heart by showering love, and they will give up all their back stabbing nature when they feel your love in your attitude.

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It’s Not A Smooth Task

No human is born as an enemy to another. Enemies are made by the situation and competitive attitude. Whatever the reason behind the enmity is, it’s not an easy task to turn a foe into a friend, but it’s possible.

The question is at what cost! Perhaps such situation causes so much pain and stress, as the person who might once your closed one started to oppose you and became your hardcore enemy forever. You want to get rid of the situation, but sometimes your ego may stop you, and you would think why I should make an amendment, when I did not start it. You are right maybe, but you must keep in mind that your one positive step of love is enough to conquer the overall situation in your favour.

Wait and Take a Long Breathe. Think what You Can Do!

You can do many things to turn your foes into your friends. Like –

A) Erase the word enemy and replace it with the friend forever.

B) Have a good conversation over matters and find out the solution mutually.

C) Show your positive attitude and love that you want to make them a friend.

D) If you are wise enough, don’t encourage any fight with anyone so that bitterness grows in the relation. Instead, think yourself in his position and find an amicable way that ends with love.

E) Focus on the positive side of your enemy; you may think what good job he has done so far.


So, friends, all the ways are open to you. You have to choose the right path so that you conquer the fight with love and peace. Generally, whenever we think of enemy, the word ‘Revenge’ comes first in our mind.

But, if you have love in your heart, you will never allow your hatred to cover your personalities. If you focus on the positive side of anything, your love will grow more and more and you will win the heart of your enemy.


Written By: Soma Bhattacharya



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