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It Is Only ‘Impossible’ Until Someone Does It



“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ― Nelson Mandela


What are the most impossible goals to achieve in life? One of the goals that a sizeable chunk of humanity strives to achieve is climbing the Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the world. But can anyone with a humble background facing lack of resources achieve it? What if you are told that it is a young woman who has never climbed a mountain in her entire life? What if you come to know that she is an amputee who lost her leg when she was pushed off a train by robbers?

Well, that lady’s name is Arunima Sinha and she is the first Indian female amputee to conquer Mount Everest! Nelson Mandela, to whom this quote, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”, is attributed; was one such person who spent almost three decades in captivity and no one ever thought he would survive and come out alive. But he did, and made South Africa a great nation free from apartheid.

There are many in this world, who took up an impossible challenge and made it possible! In fact, the more impossible the challenge seems, more is the glory that comes out of achieving it. When you look at your life, you will realize that what you consider impossible feats of achievement are actually not so. You are better placed in terms of resourcefulness and abilities to achieve your targets.

So, whether your goal is to gain entry in one of the best educational institutions, or land up a great job; you can realize what you or others may deem impossible. How to go about it? You need to inculcate the right values inside you and learn from how others achieve it. Read on to get started.

Believe in Yourself

Your beliefs are what make you what you are. Do you have any idea how powerful beliefs are? Young elephants are tied to a small post with thin iron chains or ropes. The baby elephants struggle hard to break the chains or pull out the stake posts, but they do not succeed in doing so. So they stop trying any more.

As the baby elephant grows to its full size, they are still tied to the same post with the same chain, which as adult elephants they can easily break. That is the power of beliefs. If you belief you cannot achieve anything, you will never achieve it. The converse is also true, as you must have seen with so many successful persons around the world.

Start with the Possible

If it is daunting to think of achieving the impossible, then start with what you think is possible. As you begin achieving the possible, you will see how you have gained in confidence and experience. Now you can set your targets on what seems impossible. It is a thrill to even think of achieving the impossible.

Many who succeeded found their inspiration and passion out of contemplating to do the impossible. It is the challenge that fuels your motivation. Everyone can achieve what is possible. It is when one endeavors to achieve the impossible that is what makes their efforts extra-ordinary. Sometimes it so happens that your destination seem to guide you through your journey!

Keep Your Focus on Your Prime Objective

It takes resilience to achieve the impossible. When you keep your focus on what you want to achieve, this itself becomes the driving force. Bill Gates focused on making the best software that the world can use. Steven Jobs focused on the best gadgets for people whether it is an iPod or an iPhone. Sachin Tendulkar focused on becoming the greatest batsman in the world.

The goal becomes so powerful that it will act like a magnet, drawing you closer every day. The destination will beckon you. That is how the power of focusing on your goals works. It makes people indefatigable and provides them astonishing resilience.

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Accept that Setbacks and Failures are Inevitable

It would be really foolish to think achieving the impossible would be a cakewalk. When you attempt something impossible, there will be innumerable setbacks and failure on the way. If you look at the life of achievers who changed the impossible into possible, you will find everyone emerge through a plethora of failures.

The mega star Amitabh Bachchan failed the audition as a radio announcer, more than eight of his movies’ failed in a row. J K Rowling, the highest selling author, was on the verge of committing suicide due to her failed marriage, joblessness, and regret letters from publisher for her book. But their resilience and belief in themselves kept them going.


That is what impossible is – it is impossible till someone does it. You are the creator of your own destiny. Never limit your destiny yourself by excluding what you think you cannot do. Make the best use of your talent by patiently working on strategies made out of your failures, to achieve the impossible. Never give up on your success.


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Written By: Raj Kumar Hansdah


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