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The Itinerary To Perfection Brings Excellence

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”


The Itinerary To Perfection Brings Excellence
“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” ― Vince Lombardi


There is no boundary for perfection; neither can you measure it nor someone else but it is always true that working for perfection brings excellence.

Perfection is a feeling that results when people see someone performing his work in the best possible way.

People achieve their own perfection only when they feel satisfied with their work while in reality, it is totally not achievable. But while chasing for perfection, one can surely get his skills worked on over and over and catch excellence in his respective field.

Excellence provides optimism that results in a person delivering any kind of work with high satisfaction and perseverance.

Perfection Has No Boundaries

You chase for perfection only when you develop the interest in a task. A task where you implement your skills over and over again till the best result. A task which tests your potential in every possible way and keeps the eagerness to excel burning in you.

Perfection is limitless. One may fail while struggling for years to achieve that. But this race indeed has some good rewards in every step.

Every person when he keeps on working hard to attain perfection might notice that perfection brings excellence and this excellence is one of the best rewards that one can ever get.

Excellence defines how efficient you are. Your work is appreciated and judged on the basis of excellence itself.

No hard work or dedication can make you perfect in front of the world nor can you rely on yourself for attaining perfection.

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Perfection Brings Excellence

Excellence determines the potential of the person. It makes the person stand out in the group by virtue of his skills and the excellence hidden within. But it’s the crave and chase for perfection that nurtures excellence in you.

Perfection is ego. When you consider yourself perfect for a challenge, you devalue your work.

Excellence on the other hand is power. Excellence makes a person confident in challenges. It is very oddly satisfying to accept the fact that chasing an unattainable power rewards you with strength.

Excellence attained in the due course of achieving perfection, provides optimism for all kind of challenges and the power to face them.

This optimism generates concentration and willpower. It enables you to see good in every situation. It lets you go beyond your own limits in every challenge. It lets our potential to be tested regularly.

Excellence is not an art, it is a habit. It is perfection for which you struggle with your dreams, unknowing the fact that a constant power source of excellence is delivered to you in every step taking you closer and closer to your dreams.

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You think of the stuff you want to work with and accomplish, you fail, you get drowned in your own river, but the challenges build your excellence.

It is the love for the work that motivates you to work for perfections and further this path to perfection brings excellence.

Perhaps you will get your job done but it will never be the perfection that will make your work get accomplished, it will always be the silent support of excellence.



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