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Kind Words – The Best Act To Leave A Powerful Impact

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.”


Kind Words – The Best Act To Leave A Powerful Impact
“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.” — Mother Teresa


It doesn’t cost us a dime to say anything, but yes! Everything we speak has an impact on both – the speaker and the listener.

Every word spoken leads to a wave formation, a powerful wave, which generates another and the cycle goes on.

Words can heal or hurt, encourage or discourage or inspire or hinder. That’s the power every word holds.

‘Thank You’, ‘I am happy for you’, ‘God bless you’ are a few kind words; it costs you nothing to speak; but has a huge positive impact on the listener and even on us.

A small gesture in itself is very impactful. It has a huge effect on someone’s day; even better and they tend to do the same with the next person they meet.

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Why Kind Words?

The wave formation of kind words is very impactful on both – the speaker and listener. It fills up a person with positivity, it assists people in finding and living their best possible selves. It makes the speaker a better human, a happier and inspiring person.

Kind words not just create a physical impact, but also impact our thinking and our responses to various situations. It affects our behavior, emotions, mood. It altogether changes our reflex to various situations, which eventually impacts the chemistry of our brain.

There are times when out of our short temper, we utter unkind and harsh words and for the moment we might even feel contended; but the later realization is very depressing and makes us feel low about ourselves. It eventually poisons our brain, our emotions and our acts too.

The later feeling makes us sink and we end up feeling bad about the act for the rest of the day or maybe even longer.

It makes us question our own brain, our standards, our morals, character and what not. It makes us question our own soul, the human in us, which has eventually transformed into a devil.

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Mother Teresa has once said –

Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.

Now the question is, do we want our future self to be someone who is perpetually unhappy? No, right?

To avoid the foreseen storm, start now! Start small and eventually work your way up. Start with friends, then acquaintances and then strangers.

Embrace kindness and kind words; make the impact – both physically and mentally; make a choice now and ACT!

As words can change lives in ways we never know about. Remember, it doesn’t even cost a dime and it’s so powerful and impactful.

“There’s not much in the world that you can control. The only thing you can control, though are your actions and what you do. When you’re going through life, make sure the actions and choices you make reflected the type of person you want to be and the one that you think everyone else want to be.”

So, to have a powerful impact, one should work on the things he can control.

Embrace the inner self, and to make an impact on the world, use kind word; the easiest and the best tool in the world.


Written By: Somdutta Das



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