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Knowledge vs. Wisdom – Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom


The philosophical terms have always assisted human beings to be more appreciable towards life. Certain of these terms we may not comprehend fully but we surely implement them at the finest. Knowledge is everywhere. Among them, the most prominent ones are knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge vs. Wisdom – Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom
“Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.” ― Alfred Lord Tennyson

Right from birth, an individual commences attaining knowledge ultimately shaping his life. Through the daily experience and by acquiring education, knowledge amasses each day. Though you are extremely knowledgeable, you may not excel in your life, if you lack wisdom.

The ability of sensible thinking will ultimately make you a wise human being. While knowledge keeps on accumulating each day as it comes, wisdom is something that lasts longer. Depending on the existing situations, age, and several other factors, knowledge may fade. However, wisdom is an asset that persists till the moment you take your last breath.

An individual may involve in a lot of debates throughout his life. But, he might lack the general awareness on knowledge and wisdom. Consequently, he cannot make the most of his skills when required at the right time.

We all learn new things everyday and amass our knowledge. But we don’t retain that knowledge. It may fade at some point of time across the life journey.

What is Knowledge?

What is Knowledge? | BeAnInspirer

The information, facts, and skills we obtained from education or experiences. In simple terms, it is the hypothetical or practical perceptive of a subject.

You may consider knowledge as glue that combines information and learning. In absence of related knowledge, you may survive through hardships while tackling a situation. For instance, if you lack enough knowledge on reading, you cannot fully decipher a text.

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What is Wisdom?

What is Wisdom? | BeAnInspirer

Wisdom refers to the quality of being experienced, knowledgeable, and having proper judgment about a particular occurrence.

According to one of the proverbs of the Bible, wisdom is perceived on the lips of an individual who holds understanding. However, a rod is for the back of those who lack understanding.

The word philosophy implies love of wisdom and wisdom is embracing the aim of philosophy.

One of the well-known quotes by Buddha is:

“A fool who recognizes his own ignorance is thereby in fact a wise man.”

It implies that a fool can be called a wise person if he can perceive his lack of knowledge. If an individual comprehends what knowledge he lacks, he can wisely learn it and ultimately accomplish the relevant tasks.

Some of the famous facts on wisdom are:

    • Wisdom is the master key to all the treasures of life
    • Wisdom is more powerful than weapons of war

Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

Often, people get perplexed between these two terms. When you hear that knowledge fades but wisdom is perpetual, you may actually need to know the essential differences between these two terms. Primarily, both terms are used as nouns that relate to learning.

    • Wisdom entails a healthy dose of perception and the capability to make proper judgments about a subject. On the other hand, Knowledge is just getting proficiency on a particular subject.
    • Anybody can become knowledgeable on a particular subject by deep research and going through the facts. However, it’s wisdom that demands deep understanding and the capability to resolve which facts are pertinent in certain situations.
    • Wisdom works on knowledge and implements it with shrewdness depending on experience, assessment, and lessons educated.

The quote from Miles Kington states that:

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

Some unknown have beautifully encompassed the difference between these two terms in a quote. It states that knowledge is about knowing what to say whereas wisdom is about knowing when to say it.

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Why Wisdom Dawdles but Knowledge Fades?

Knowledge relates to knowing a lot of stuff whereas wisdom is all about retaining and implementing those stuffs in practical applications.

You can learn knowledge anytime and keep on amassing it. You may forget it as time passes. Since wisdom is resultant from experiences, it dawdles throughout life.

Final Thoughts

In everyone’s life, failure is unavoidable. Actually, it is the admission fee to grasping wisdom and ultimately paving the way for success. It’s all about perspective and only fewer people comprehend how to gain wisdom. Once you have instilled wisdom within you, you will certainly be judgmental for most situations of your life.

A person can be regarded as knowledgeable if he advice to lot many people. However, he can be called wise only if he implements those advices in his own life.



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