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Leadership Can Change The Course Of History


Leadership Can Change The Course Of History
“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” ― Ronald Reagan


Leadership is a quality that has done wonders in human history. It is a priced asset which only a few possess. Some are born leaders while others acquire this quality with time. However one should always remember that there is nothing out of bond for them, with hard work and devotion anyone can acquire desired skills.

The World is full of much exemplary leadership quality shown by many persons. One common feature can be traced among all of them; they have not only shown great leadership skills themselves but even motivated others to do exemplary deeds.

Outstanding Leadership Pioneers

Mahatma Gandhi was one such leader. He supported non-violence and fought against Britishers. He motivated his followers to do the same by fighting a non-violent war against colonisation. He inculcated this spirit and zeal among his followers which led to India’s independence.

Nelson Mandela in his fight against Apartheid lifted the self-confidence among blacks and motivated them towards self-less sacrifice which resulted in the abolition of apartheid in South-Africa. Nelson Mandela had spent 27 years in prison. When he was finally released, he became the President of South Africa. This shows the trust of people in Nelson Mandela.

An effective leader enjoys the trust of the masses and devotes his/her life for their welfare.

Abraham Lincoln incited the feelings of whites and a non-whites population of the USA, which made them fight for a common cause and end discrimination against blacks and unification of USA.

One pleasant example is of former Indian cricket team captain M.S. Dhoni. He may or may not contribute personally to teams score but he keeps up the spirit of every player by showing a great deal of confidence in them, and the result is that India won two world cups.

The One who can Lead the Masses

From the above citation, one thing is certain, whether leaders contribute directly to a cause or not, but it is their belief in the masses that does wonder. When such a belief is shown to the masses by such leaders, then automatically they also give their best. They are ready to do any sort of selfless sacrifices. Ultimately it is people that make a cause great.

So, leaders without their support or confidence are nothing by themselves. It is the masses who make a person leader and it is they only who make any cause great by following them. Great leaders certainly possess the quality of winning the confidence of masses and motivating them to fight for a cause.

However, sometimes blind belief in leadership may also result in disastrous results. This was witnessed during Nazi regime under Hitler. Hitler moulded people according to his ill plan and the outcome is well known.

Even this example shows the leadership quality of Hitler though the cause was not good, but still, he was able to mould people.

From this, it can be easily proved that blind belief in anything is harmful. Before following anything, one should know the reasons, consequences, aims, and motives behind it.

Leadership – A Need of the Hour

Today, we need leadership to fight corruption, hunger, poverty, female infanticide, rising intolerance, climate change, regionalism, communalism etc. There are many problems revolving around us which need a proper guidance.

It’s the responsibility of youth to come forward and accept this task, provide direction to the country and the people and make his country great again. Youth have to believe in themselves, they have that spark, confidence, determination and will to make anything possible.

The greatest things are achieved with the support of people. Be leader of the masses and bring a sustainable change in the society.


Written By: Mohit Dwivedi



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