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Learn From Your Fears and Don’t Let Them Rule You


Learn From Your Fears and Don’t Let Them Rule You
“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.” ― C. JoyBell C.


As kids, we are made to learn and unlearn a set of fears. Most of these are created by the society that teaches us to be scared and to indulge in self-doubt. Everything that we are afraid to take on, becomes an instant enemy. But have you ever questioned yourself as to why you fear a certain thing? Or how you can turn this fear into a helpful friend?

Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks – these are ruling the lives of the younger generations today. We live with the constant fear of failure, wrong decisions, not succeeding and being judged. Instead we should make our insecurities or fears our best friends.

Understanding your fear is a great way to break it down. When you unbox your fear, you get a better look at what makes it scary to you and during this process you also come up with a solution to combat it.

Your fears tell a story about you. They talk about things you have been through and the scars of various battles that you bear like a hero. But remember, your fears do not define you, they only speak of battles yet to be won and things yet to be achieved. Repeated efforts at confronting your fears make the journey a smoother one. As they say, practice makes man perfect.

If you neglect your anxiety, it builds up in time taking a humongous form which scares you further with increased palpitation, momentary dizziness and headaches. In order to overcome this, one must only, pay attention to things that cause them tension, worry or panic.

Do what makes you fearful. Once you finally do it, you will feel a tremendous joy which will overpower your anxiety. This is a process of taking away the power from your distress.

Remember, the fact that you are afraid proves that your heart is still beating and that there is something you desire to get or achieve. It is the sign of a healthy life.

Follow the steps provided below to win over your fears:

Journal Your Fears and Troubles

Sit down on a daily basis and note down what you are afraid of. Are you afraid of tomorrow’s presentation? Are you afraid to ask your boss for a hike? Are you scared of financial instability? Whatever it is, jot them down, point wise.

Once it is clear what you are addressing, write down possible solutions for it. Make sure it is a list of a minimum of ten solutions.

If you are afraid of a presentation, the solutions could be- Practice it ten times tonight, go over the parts that cause me tension, call up a friend and present in front of him and ask for judgment, research a bit more so that I am confident of what I am presenting, rehearse in front of the mirror and prepare myself. The list can go on.

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Take a Comfort Zone Challenge

There are groups online who perform these comfort zone challenges to get over things they are scared of. Join them or do it individually.

For example- If you have social anxiety, walk up to random strangers and talk to them for seven days straight. Your brain rewires itself and starts believing you are cool around people.

Again if you are scared of being yourself, dress up the way you would like and visit the coffee shop or movie you have always wanted to go to, alone.

Try performing on the streets to get over stage fright, strike up conversations to stop feeling left out etc., But mind you, these should be done regularly.

Talk to a Friend

You may be surprised to find out that a lot of people within your friend circle may also be suffering from the same fears and anxieties. Talking to them can reduce your stress levels and make you feel absolutely normal and healthy.


Do not let fear win this battle. You have all the power in this world to fight your little obstacles and emerge victorious like always!


Written By: Sampurna Sengupta



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