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Learn From Your Mistakes And Walk Ahead


Learn From Your Mistakes And Walk Ahead
“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” ― Soren Kierkegaard


A car has a small rear-view mirror, but a big front windscreen. This is because we need to have a good view of where we are going.

We also need to see behind us, but it is only to learn how it helps in our forward travel.

If any driver keeps focusing only on the rear-view mirror, then he is sure to get into an accident! That is how life is too.

We should look backwards once in a while, to know what mistakes or good things we have done, and learn from it to see how we can improve our life. But we cannot continue to live in the past. This is a very important lesson in life.

Do Not Continue to Live in the Past

Generally, unsuccessful people are those who continue to live in the past. This can also be a result of being unsuccessful in the present. But more often, the cause of being unsuccessful is the habit of living in the past and not looking forward with enthusiasm and wisdom.

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The utility of the past is giving you experiences that shape your future. It is necessary to look at the past as a teacher once in a while. But the future always lies ahead. Future is where life takes you, and life must be lived forwards.

If there had been bad experiences in the past, push them away behind you and surge ahead. If life has been rosy in the past, there is no point in trying to live out those days.

Go Ahead and Kiss Life

Making the best of life is what matters. Chasing your dreams is what makes life wonderful and worthwhile.

Doing things that you do not regret later is invaluable. Your past gives you the insight on how you can make optimal use of your life.

The future is the opportunity which is presented before you. Use your past to your best advantage. You have invested a considerable part of your life already in the past. It is time you use this investment of the past in future ventures that leave no room for regrets.

Therein lies the utility of the past in powering your future. The past is the high-powered vehicle you have in your possession. Do not let it sit idle. Use it to zoom ahead to your future.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

This quote aptly sums up the utilities of the past, as well as outlines your priorities for the future.

The past is meant for taking stock of the journey and the direction your life is taking.

Use your past as a feedback mechanism to correct the course of your life. But life must be lived for the future.



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Raj Kumar Hansdah

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