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Leave Doors Open Because Happiness Comes In Through The Most Unexpected Doors


Leave Doors Open Because Happiness Comes In Through The Most Unexpected Doors
“Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don’t even remember leaving open.” ― Rose Wilder Lane


It is funny how happiness comes to us sometimes. More often than not, a lot of people have witnessed happiness walking through the doors that they never expected.

In as shocking as it may be, Rose Wilder Lane was right.

“Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don’t even remember leaving open.”
― Rose Wilder Lane

Throughout life, we have walked in and out of so many doors. Some of the reasons we walked out of some doors may be bitter or sweet. More often than not, the reason is always bitter.

Even so, one thing that we all ought to know is that you are not required by anyone to shut the doors you walk out of.

Yes, sometimes, out of necessity, you may have to shut some doors and leave them to shut, but you may just have shut out your happiness.

Every Door You Walk Out of, Your Happiness can still Follow You

There are reasons why we walk through some doors and enter into one thing or another. While we are in, we may have different experiences that may cause us to walk out in as much as we may have loved to stay in.

What we need to remember while walking out is not to shut the door neither should we burn the bridges. Who knows, you can get happiness from unexpected doors.

Just because you walked right out does not mean that you have taken with you all the investments you bought while walking in.

Therefore, always be optimistic that even if you are walking out, something good may come to you through that door. Since you planted seeds of goodness, you will reap, and your harvest will locate you.

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Why Shut the Door if Good Can Pass Through it?

Shutting a door is one thing that many people do out of anger, pain, jealousy, and so on. You will be amazed what this might have caused a lot of people. In every situation, I always believe that there was something good.

I also believe that in every end, there is a new beginning. As you walk out because of any reason, it is a new beginning, and sometimes this new beginning can be tied to something in the past.

When you shut the door, you burn any chance for happiness from unexpected doors to connect to your new beginning. Some new beginnings have a few elements of the old, and it is not always bad and especially if it is joy from unexpected doors.

Therefore, why should you shut the door when there is always a chance for you to enjoy, happiness from unexpected doors?

It may not be Immediate, But it will Happen Eventually

As we walk out through some doors, we never see any good coming through that door again. It can be because of the bitter experience we had.

Even so, learn not to act based on the current emotions or state of mind because you may close the pathway for your happiness.

Be optimistic that everything you invested when you walked in that door will bring results to your life even if it is ten years to come. Leave the door open.


I always say,

“An open door is an open opportunity.”

Make this your mentality also. As you live, you will discover that happiness comes through unexpected doors from unexpected places.

Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure of having different possible sources of happiness by closing every door you walk out of.



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