Why is Life about Trying Our Best and Not Being the Best?


Why is Life about Trying Our Best and Not Being the Best?
“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.” ― H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Life is dynamic and cannot be perfect. They are mistaken if someone thinks their life is perfect and could not be any better. Life has its own ups and downs.

Imagine if there was no sadness, then how would we understand the importance of joy and happiness?

Similarly, setbacks in life prepare us for a better future. Being stuck in life is not an ideal way to survive; instead, striving to push through all the challenges is what life is all about.

As rightly said, “Simply being the best is not the key to happiness.” One must always look forward and not be content with what they have.

When life throws a curveball, what do we tend to do? The first instinct of many of you would be to escape it.

How many times have we thought or even tried to overcome the hurdles?

As humans, trying our best is everything we ought to do because our lives can never be the best.

We should continually work upon even with the hurdles till we reach our end destination.

Try Focusing on a Single Thing

Your focus might get too much shifted, so you cannot put forward your best. So instead, try to focus on a single niche and run after that specifically.

If you are a good skater, dancer, or musician, doing everything may not bring out the best in you. Rather, you pick up a single activity like dancing and focus on it fully.

With a single focus, you would notice your capability being much more than you thought.

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Things You Must Not Do so it Being the Best Race

Yes, we all are in a human race trying to prove ourselves to be the best. But whom are we trying to prove?

In this rat race, people fall into the trap of impression of others and don’t listen to their instinct. But the best version of yourselves comes out when you don’t pay heed to what others say and do what you want to.

You need to kill your ego and stop comparing yourself with others. Spend time with your loved ones and those who make you happy.

Negativity is the last thing you would want in your life. That would suppress you as well as lower down your morale.

If you want to climb the mountain, do it, or dedicate yourself to an activity you love, just go for it. All these things make your life worthwhile and will be in your memory till you die.

“Winning the game of life is not the goal, but enjoying the experience to the fullest.”

What Trying Our Best Can Lead On To?

Many well-known personalities in real life have failed several times before seeing the rise in their career or life. This is because they had a go-getter attitude and wanted to try their best.

As stated in Quora and other platforms, do you know Walt Disney, who built the Disney Empire today, was rejected so many times, stating he had no good ideas and imagination?

Or what if Steve Jobs had not been after innovative in terms of iPhone and apple products? Would he be the most renowned and innovative CEO worldwide? The answer lies in the questions themselves.

If they hadn’t risen to their full potential, they would not have reached where they were. Even after success, they kept working continually to deliver the best.

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Things to Keep in Mind about the Game of Life

Life is a roller coaster ride that simultaneously offers excitement, enjoyment, fear, and thrill. It cannot be just a single thing, or there would be no value to it.

    • Even if we fail, we try to give our best shot every time.
    • Trust in our abilities and focus on improving ourselves.
    • Do not get trapped in comparisons as it would intrigue inferior superiority complexes.
    • The test of life deals with our inner self, and we must not be afraid of it.
    • Always keep on working hard, and you will definitely see yourself growing.
    • Do not ignore or run away from difficulties; instead, face them and come as a better person from them.

Trying Your Best is Better than Being the Best

It might be confusing if you listen to it, but there is a difference between being the best and trying our best. The first indicates putting yourself first no matter what.

Forbes has stated that all great personalities strive to beat their own personal best.

    1. Are you someone who want to exceed others’ expectations, outperform others, or win to show off?
    2. Or are you a person who wishes to beat his own personal wins, push to a new goal and want to be better than what you are?

First, describe yourself as being the best where you are influenced and think of competition always. This lets you want to be the best of the best, putting everyone behind.

The second half describes yourself as being driven but striving hard to try your best and improve.

Do not consider being the best as being perfect. Don’t be scared of losing but try to take it to your advantage and reverse the situation in your favour.

“I may not be the best, But I am trying my best.”
― Anonymous



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