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The Light Bringer to the Souls of the Unprivileged – Hear Out the Motivational Story of Mrs. Alice Garg who Single-Handedly Uplifted A Big Part of Rajasthan


In a developing country like India, half of the total resources are in the hands of the one-third populations while the other two halves almost have nothing. This is quite a common picture of India and a very few people come forward to do justice to this situation, no? And among those very few people, Mrs. Alice Garg is one of them. From founding an NGO to uplifting a bigger part of Rajasthan to the status of privileged section society, Mrs. Alice Garg has been doing an impossible job for over the past 45 years. And if you do not know about the journey of Mrs. Alice Garg yet, we are here to enlighten you with the details. Have a look.

Early Life of Mrs. Garg

Mrs. Alice Garg was born and brought up in the ‘Pink city’ of Rajasthan. Born on 14th January of 1941, this 76 years old lady has been inclined towards helping the destitute of the society since she was a little girl. After completing her schooling in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and Mrs. Garg opt for studying the Swedish language. She acquired her BA degree in the Swedish language, and afterward, she dedicated all her time in uplifting the unprivileged of Rajasthan. She took her first step in this field when she was only a twenty years old girl.

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A little Leap of Faith

In her twenties, she started working towards to the goal of uplifting the unprivileged sections of the Rajasthan. Women’s empowerment and awareness, legal aids, dowry prohibition, population education, family planning, stopping infanticides, Mrs. Garg raised her voice in many difficult fields in the 1960s’. She expanded her activities in Jaipur, Dausa, Bhilwara, Tonk, and Sawai.

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The Journey of Inspiration over the last 45 years

But soon Mrs. Garg realized all these arbitrary social works are not going to do some constructive good; rather all these activities will fall apart soon. So, in the year of 1972, Mrs. Alice Garg founded ‘Bal Rashmi Society.’ The main motto of this society is “Save children, save a generation.” With the help of this non-profit NGO, Mrs. Garg has already served lives of more than 3000 children and almost 280 families from the downtrodden part of the Rajasthan. Apart from ‘Bal Rashmi Society,’ she also founded a home named ‘Kilkari’ which took care of the abandoned children up to the age of five. Also, another home named ‘Nirashrit Bal Grah’ was established by Mrs. Garg in order take care of the deserted children and the children of the tribes Saansis. All these homes run five schools in different unprivileged parts of Rajasthan.

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And the Journey Continues

Her journey did not stop with the establishments of the homes and NGO. Mrs. Garg has also organized mobile libraries in different villages of Rajasthan for the purpose of Rural Education and also provided various programs on ‘Rural Health Programme’ as well. From prohibiting dowry provisions to early marriage of little girls, Mrs. Alice Garg will continue her fight till her last breath.

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During this 45 years long journey, Mrs. Garg has faced many obstacles that almost broken her, but she never stopped. For her unbroken spirit and her contribution to such vast social cause, she won two awards – Jamnalal Bajaj Award on 2003 and Special Social Lifetime Achievement Award under the Godfrey Phillips Bravery National Awards on 2007. May her journey of inspiration never takes a break!


Written By: Subharthi Bhattacharya


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