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Listen to Your Heart, Trust it and Be Honest Always


Listen to Your Heart, Trust it and Be Honest Always
“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


The world needs tranquility and peace and this is what everyone trusts. But why do we still live a dual life? Believing one thing but following other things just for the sake of survival is like fooling yourself. One can fool his body but can one fool his mind? The answer is a big NO.

The Power of Mind how it Trust the Things

Our mind is little suspicious. It does believe in the things which are worth considering but sometimes due to various circumstances, it takes its sight away from it and does not live it thoroughly. This is when the real fight between being real and being dishonest starts.

While being truthful gives utmost satisfaction, dishonesty is always like a big burden. If you are fake to yourself, then there is nothing as pretentious. Living a dishonest life burdens a person with the feeling of guilt and culpability.

How the World Sees a Deceitful

Whether you trust it or not but it’s a fact that everyone lives with a mask over his face. And history is the proof that whenever a person becomes dishonest and put up his fakeness to fool the world; sooner or later he had to face various troubles in his life. This is the reason why living an honest and simple life is considered the best. While the world is full of so much duality, there are some people who not only believe in being real but also surmount the environment with their positivity.

Therefore, preach what you trust and deal the life with full zeal. Being dishonest lowers the self-esteem and the sense of worth of a person. Life is small; make it large with honest and lively moments.


Written By: Mani Lohani


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