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Live Life, Don’t Go Through It Blindly


Live Life, Don’t Go Through It Blindly
“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” ― John Lennon


We live in a materialistic world where people are easily impressed by money, followers, degrees and titles.

“He has a million dollars in his account. He must be so successful.”

“Oh! Look at how many followers she has on her twitter account. I wish I was like her.”

Admit it or not, these thoughts do cross in our heads at least once in a while. But in this increasingly goods and materials driven society, are we missing out on something important?

Is what mentioned above all that there is to life or are there some other things too which make a person’s life more meaningful?

And are these things equally (if not more) important than worldly success?

Money isn’t Everything

Money can’t buy happiness. Might sound clichéd, but is very true. There is a counter argument running on social media that it is better to cry in a Porsche than crying on the street.

But isn’t having a hearty laugh with your best friends in a Porsche even better?

And this true happiness is not something that money will give you but it originates from within and only when a person feels complete from the inside.

Here are some things which should never be ignored in the race to reach the top:

    • Health: Everything and anything you do is futile if you yourself cannot enjoy it and for that you need to be healthy. Health is wealth, isn’t it?
    • Love: Where there is love, there is life says Mahatma Gandhi and it is true that nobody can possibly live in its absence. Whether be it from your family or your friends, loving and feeling loved is a very basic need for every human and arises from meaningful relationships with people.
    • A Hobby: Work should never be the end of one’s life. We should always have a hobby that shapes us productively. Whether be it running or cycling or a habit of reading, there should be at least one activity that you can pursue in your free time. An empty mind is home to the devil.

There is a famous troll on Facebook which shows two different persons; the first one seems to have only 2 friends while the other has fifteen but when both of them die, the first one has both the friends grieving for her while the second person’s grave lies unattended. No prize for guessing which one you would want to be.

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You are not a Rat in a Rat Race

Everyone these days seems to be more influenced by what the other person is doing and tries to copy and emulate him. This is not how we are made.

If the other guy is banker, you do not have to be one. If your neighbour is choosing a particular stream, you are not bound to do the same.

Life is a rat race if you keep reproducing what the other guy is doing. And while doing what the other guy is doing seems like an easy way out, it is not the best way to figure out what it is that you want from life.

Once in a while stop for a minute, take a deep breath and always evaluate –

“Am I doing what I want to do?”

“Am I headed where I want to go?”

“And am I with the people I want to be with?”

And while pursuing riches is not an absolutely wrong thing to do, it should be done along with the search of love, happiness and health.

Count your age by friends, not years and count your life by smiles, not tears. Live by this slogan and you should not do too badly.


Written By: Prasun Jha



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