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Live Life to the Fullest: Do Not Settle for Anything Mediocre


Live Life to the Fullest: Do Not Settle for Anything Mediocre
“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” ― Rumi


Such beautiful lines! When everybody else is engaged in the heat of the race, there are but a few souls who choose to do what their heart longs for. It is the burning desire in their heart that gives them the courage to pursue what others condemn.

On a more practical note, very few people in this vast big world choose to ignore blabber and listen to what their heart says. These are exactly those souls who intend to live life to the fullest and with no regrets whatsoever.

Do what You Love and Watch the World Fall Into Place

The problem with the generations nowadays is that they focus more on what others are doing instead of focusing on themselves. Comparing our lives with that of others will only render us more prone to disappointments and frustrations.

These frustrations pile up moment by moment until a day comes when you can no longer bear them in your chest. This is the time when a person breaks and gives in to total failure.

For those weak moments, when your world seems to be falling apart, never forget to ask yourself – why did this even happen?

Sit down in a quiet place and ponder over the possible solutions. It is then you will get to realize the fact that it all started with just one simple thing – not doing what your heart truly wants!

Love Yourself First – For all that matters is You

Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you need to forget about others. It is simply about deciding what is good for your life and what will make you happy and successful in the end, without hurting the people that matter the most.

Another significantly important thing would be to do what you love doing the most. We understand that this is quite a difficult task to achieve when the whole world is telling you to do otherwise.

Trust yourself and take the leap! Muster up the courage and for once, take life into your hands and go ahead with the decision. You have one life to live. Live it with no regrets at all!

When in Doubt, Trust Your Instincts

Of course, there will be moments when you feel like giving up. There will definitely be moments when you might consider it to be a bad move after all. However, you should know that giving up is not the right option.

Trust your instincts and listen to what your heart says. You have come this far, ask yourself why you started at all in the first place. Live life to the fullest! Keep rocking, won’t you?


Written By: Monika Nag



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