How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”


We are all dreamers. We cycle and recycle our thoughts and hope they come true. But is that how dreams become reality?

Probably not. Dreams are like an unbaked cake till you put in efforts to make it into something real.

Accomplishing something in life always requires attention to your words, thoughts and actions.

An intention is no good till you actually work on it.

In short, intention without action is no good and it definitely doesn’t yield the desired results.

We all know about the hard work that goes in to making your dreams come true. But why is it that we are so afraid of practicing them?

It is the amount of time and energy that is needed during the process, which makes us want to leave it undone.

How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams
“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” ― Oprah Winfrey


Find out the methods of overcoming the lethargy and working towards living the life you have always dreamt of:

Gain the Strength to Perform

People lack the energy to pursue a dream. They feel it is a lot of hard work which might go in vain in case the dream is not fulfilled by the end of the strenuous process they go through.

But reality is that it is not really hard work but smart work which makes you a winner in life.

Have the power in your mind to chalk out something that is relevant to yourself and then take action towards it.

Make sure this action is planned out in advance. Unplanned work is often no work at all as it won’t reach you to your target.

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Know What Your Dreams Are

Many a times people complain about not getting what they dream of, but sometimes these people themselves do not have an idea of what their dream exactly is.

There is no point in rowing your boat on land. Have clarity about your daily thoughts and your ever longing dreams. What is that you really want to be or feel like.

Sometimes we just want to be happy. But we connect it to a goal, like “I will be happy when I get my doctorate”.

What if you get there and realize it didn’t bring you lasting happiness at all? All those years of rigorous training just made you empty inside? Another storm of disappointment, right?

So be sure of the process you want to follow to make your soul happy.

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Make a Flow Chart of How to Get to the Destination (Dream)

If you want to reach a friend’s place and you know you will have fun once you are there, what do you do? You follow Google maps and reach the destination, right?

So make a google map for your dream. From starting point to destination, have it all in the form of a blue print. Follow the steps necessary to reach your happiness.

While doing this, keep your mind attached to the journey and not just the destination.

Do not try to take a shorter route as it can mislead you and you may end up getting lost. Instead, follow the course of action you have made a blue print of.

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Make Regular Commitment Towards the Award

Tell yourself everyday why you want this so bad. Focus on the grand prize and make 1% change in attitude and habits everyday so that it adds up to a great leap in the future.

Be grateful that you have all the opportunities that you do and tell yourself that you will be able to do it as you believe in yourself.


Your dreams are tiny pieces of adventures. Do not be scared to be or do what you really want to. You are entitled to good things in life but life is not easy always.

Make it easier by being organized and head strong. Be so focused that no one can deny you your chances.


Written By: Sampurna Sengupta



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