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Love Dwells In A Compassionate Heart

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”


Love Dwells In A Compassionate Heart
“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” ― Oscar Wilde


How many of you would like to live a life with No Love?

No matter how rich and resourceful that life may be, no human would live a life where there is no Love; no one to share one’s joys, sorrows, doubts and blessings.

A life without love is a wretched life devoid of any joy and happiness. Many will think of this as a philosophical and spiritual hyperbole without any basis in reality. But the fact is, it is a scientific truth now.

It has been found by psychologists and medical researchers that the happy hormones like Oxytocin, Serotonin and Dopamine have a healthy effect on heart and body.

A loving compassionate heart indeed, is a healthy heart which makes for a healthy mind and body.

How Love Enriches Our Life

Love is the first experience that a newborn human is exposed to. Mother’s love is a beautiful garden that helps a child bloom.

A child develops the capacity to give love and the need for getting love. It has been clinically proven that children who are touched, hugged and cared lovingly have a faster and healthier development.

A loving family further reinforces good human values in the growing child. Lack of it proves disastrous, as criminologists have found that more often offenders are a product of broken homes.

In schools too, a loving teacher produces great students who grow up serving humanity with their talents.

When a person settles down, a family life full of love motivates him to do his best professionally.

A loving home is what an elderly looks forward to. When you look at the life span of human, you will find that love is the nectar that enlivens and sweetens the life at every stage.

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How to Overcome the Barriers to Love

Life should not be a garden of dead flowers with no sunshine. It is within everyone to create a garden full of blooms. The ancient Indian scriptures talk of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, or the whole world is our family.

When you open your heart to universal love, you are not doing a favor to others but to yourself. As they say, God lives in a compassionate heart.

The moment you open the gates of your heart to acceptance of others; you can feel the effect inside you.

Earlier when you resisted, it kept you stressed and on edge. Once the resistance is gone, you can feel the calming effect of your heart at being edge.

The mental peace that dawn upon your being will make you calm, more productive and enthusiastic like never before.

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Be Loving in what You Say

Once love enters your heart, you can feel the transformation in your speech. Not only what you say sounds full of love, but also how it sounds lovely to others.

If you listen to what the great saints, sages and leaders say, you can understand how influential their speech is. That is the quality which gets developed in their speech. Developing this quality within you will endear you to your colleague, team, friends and family.

Use the “Triple Filter” when you think of speaking something that is unpleasant and harsh.

The Triple Filter requires what you are going to say is:

  • True
  • Necessary
  • Helpful

If it is neither true, nor necessary, nor helpful to that person; there is no need to say. Ridicule, abuses, rumors etc. do not pass this test, so avoid indulging in these.

Be Loving in what You Do

Opening your heart to love or making love, the essence of what you say will not suffice or bear fruits till you also perform acts of love. These are the acts of compassion which you do to a fellow human being without expecting anything in return.

Help at least one unknown person who needs help. Do this every day. These can be very small help, like helping an old lady, a child or a blind person cross the road.

Within a few days you will find yourself changing. You can feel the grace of the divinity in you. Your thinking, attitude and life will start changing.


Love is not just a potent force that can transform the world, it is also the only binding force that makes your life more fulfilling, meaningful and worthy; while filling it to the brim with happiness and joy.



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Raj Kumar Hansdah
Raj Kumar Hansdah
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