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Love Everybody But With A Hint Of Caution


“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” ― William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare in his play included a now very famous dialogue from a mother to his child where she advises him to “Love all, trust a few and do wrong to none”. Pretty sweet and subtle, right? But why do you think she mixes caution along with her advice for all encompassing love? Why is there a hint of apprehension in her counsel? This is because even though you might not want harm to befall anyone’s fortune or health, everyone is not so well wishing for others. There are people who feed off negative feelings and who need the slightest of pushes to drag you down along with themselves in a spiral of hate and vengeance. Also, even though you do not harm somebody or provoke them, there will be some who will want you to fall into misfortunes simply because they will be benefiting from it. But even then it is important to love everybody and even those who do not revert it back and might even work against you along with being wary of their actions.

Sound Ironic?

One might be led to think how can someone love a person while also being suspicious of his/her actions? After all isn’t trust the basis of love? No, trust and love are mutually exclusive feelings. You do not love the soldier standing guard on the border but you trust him to be keeping your country safe right? Similarly you can love people without trusting them. Even though loving a person who does not share the same feeling is like driving in the opposite direction in a one way traffic road, this has its own benefits.

Why Love All?

When you greet everyone you meet with an open and warm heart, it becomes difficult for the person to think badly of you. Humans are very efficient at identifying emotions and can easily see when someone wishes well for them. And in turn has a cascading effect with more and more people getting attracted towards you. Treat everyone as you would treat a long lost friend, maybe you will find a few keepers.

Trust A Few

Now this is where you need to practice caution. As you are exposed to an increasing number of people, you will have less and less time to judge their intentions. Moreover some people have the ability to hide their emotions and intentions behind a veil thus making it all the more important to trust only the closest of your buddies who you know can never cause you any harm.

Never ever cause anybody harm

As soon as the thought of causing somebody bodily or mentally harm comes into your mind, shut it out completely. Also, causing harm is not limited to this, making somebody feel unwanted by ignoring them is equally bad as people might forget what you tell them but they never forget how you make them feel. Moreover focussing your energies on such any such negative endeavour is bound to give negative results only!

Caution, Mixed with Lots of Love is your Chemical X

In the cartoon The Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium inadvertently adds Chemical X to his solution of sugar, spice and everything nice and lo! The Powerpuff Girls were created. Likewise, a bit of caution along with a big heart is the Chemical X which will take your experiences to a completely different level.  However you do not need to focus too much on who is trying to harm you. Wasting your energy and time on negative thoughts and actions is exactly that, a waste. Remember to just keep doing the good things, confiding in only your closest ones and not slighting anybody else and good things are bound to happen.


Written By: Prasun Jha


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