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Love Makes Life An Exciting Roller Coaster Ride


Love Makes Life An Exciting Roller Coaster Ride
“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” ― Franklin P. Jones


This Franklin P. Jones quote, “Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile” may mean differently to different people; but the gist remains the same. It is about extolling the virtues of love. But more than that, it is about experiencing the sweetness of life, first hand.

You cannot enjoy the ride through someone else; you have to experience the ride yourself. The feeling of love in itself is a great experience.

The Nature of Love

A lot is written and spoken about love. This is but natural. Love is the all-encompassing feeling and energy that engulfs every human. Without love, there will be no humanity. Love gives us the purpose to live.

The most tyrants of dictators who may appear to be inhuman, still had love in their hearts. Whether it is people like Hitler or Idi Amin or the Kim Jongs of North Korea; everyone has some kind of love in their hearts.

The Jihadi terrorists who kill innocents and are ready to give their own life, have an abundance of love in their heart. As Gurudev has rightly said, “Love is not just an emotion, it is our very existence.”

The feeling of love makes people do what they must. The despots love themselves, love the power and glory. The jihadist love their own ideals and philosophy, however skewed or flawed they may be.

No one lives in this world without having love for something or the other. So, love does make the world go round.

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The Experience of Being in Love

It is one thing to feel the love, and it is entirely different to experience the feeling of love. Those tyrants may have love in their heart for something but they never had the feeling of being in love.

In fact, people often love inanimate objects like antiques or works of art. People also love animals and humans in need. But being in love is entirely different.

This can be seen in our married life. Even in love marriages, when two persons marry just for love and against all opposition by their family and friends, they do it out of the feeling of love. But the feeling of being in love does not last long. In a few years they lose their ability to feel the excitement of the ride.

It is the thrill of love that makes the ride wonderful. The little sparks that enlivens every mundane things of life, goes missing.

What can those who are in love and married couple learn from this?

The lesson is, to remember that while it is true that feeling of love is necessary, being in love is equally vital. Love is not like a long tern fixed deposit, where you put money once and expect it to appreciate in value as a passive income.

Love is actually a recurring account where you have to make deposits every day. If you do that, you can enjoy the thrill of the ride that comes across to you every single day.


Being a loving person and being in love are similar, but two entirely different things. The latter is the feeling of love that makes the ride worthwhile and enjoyable. It is something not very common and very special. It is what makes one’s life fragrant and beautiful.


Written By: Priya Singh



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