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Love’s About Finding Perfection In Imperfection: Diary Of A Love Bug


Love’s About Finding Perfection In Imperfection: Diary Of A Love Bug
“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.” ― Oscar Wilde


Find Someone Who Considers You No Less Than an Artwork

“When I see you, I believe in magic.”

Ah! Who doesn’t want to hear these words from their beloved? It may seem like an unbelievable world when someone showers you with sweet nothings and oodles of love.

Love’s about finding perfection in imperfections. It is not just about looking into each other’s eyes, but in the same direction. I believe that if your love for someone is not mad, it isn’t love at all. You have to completely devote yourself to someone and love them madly. That’s what love does to you! It sweeps you off your feet and makes you feel special every single day.

Now do note that love has that kind of effect on a person. When you are in love with someone, you would lose interest once they start nagging or pulling you down. Nobody wishes to feel unloved and unwanted. I see people making compromises by being with someone, who does not consider them worthy.

For example, I have seen many couples around me, who consider their partner less good looking or not as educated as them. The first question I need to ask you is this – Why are you with such a person? When a person truly loves you, they consider you out of this world. Your partner would find you gorgeous in your own skin. In fact, they would never want to change anything about you.

Even the idea of love at first sight is not something I believe in. Just because you see someone and find them beautiful does not mean that their nature would be as good. How can you just fall in love with a face or even body for that matter?

When someone loves you, they see magic in you. They do not find any fault in you. If your partner is treating you like just another girl or boy, you should drop the idea of being with him/her.

No matter how you look or what you do, your partner should be the one, who should be proud of having you. They should treat you like a work of art! If they don’t, you are getting into something which is half-hearted.

“If someone loves you truly, they would know that you are not perfect, but they will fall in love with your imperfections.”
― Anshu Choudhary

We all Deserve a Happy Ending

I believe that everyone deserves to get a happy ending. Imagine a life which is built on compromise and sacrifice. The trouble with our society is that we force people to hold on to relationships which have ended long before.

People are not willing to take a divorce because they are too scared of the society. God has given us this life to live and to be happy. Why do we give up the happiness and be with someone who treats us like we are ordinary? Don’t we all deserve a happy ending?

The answer is that we do deserve to be happy. If a relationship is not working, sit down with your partner and end it. Let them find someone who is worthy of them and you must never consider yourself unlucky because you will also find someone who deserves you.

“Nothing can bring a sense of security into the home except true love.”
― Billy Graham

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Love’s about Finding Perfection in Imperfections: Find Someone Like That

Love turns your world upside down and makes you feel good about yourself. If your partner constantly pulls you down and treats you like any other person, then it is time to move on. I am not telling you that your partner does not love you!

I am trying to say that when a person truly loves someone, they treat them with respect, love and lots of care. Always know that loves about finding perfection in imperfections no matter how your partner looks, does, wears, and earns.

When you love someone, you will love everything about them whether it is their smile, temper, concerns, dreams, wishes, and hopes. If you want to know the key to a successful relationship, you must always respect your partner and treat them as if they are from another planet. Make them feel special always!


Written By: Anshu Choudhary



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